The Other Side of an Idol

geeks akari

I`ve thought on and off the last couple of days about sharing this story as it really just concerns myself and the idol involved.
Then I got to thinking about how most JPop Idol fans only see one side of their favorite Idol. The side she shows on TV shows ,concert stages or that short moment in the handshake line or for Indie Idols the goods table.

One of my favorite Idol groups is a duo that not many people know even in Japan , neither member even has 1,000 followers on twitter yet. They are a hidden gem in Niigata.

The group is Echigo Sister Geeks and between Akari and Yukari ,Akari-chan is my oshimen of the group. Akari and I have a different type relationship, it`s not one like you see in anime were the guy gets a massive nose bleed when looking at an Idol. It`s not one like Westerners on fan forums  ,some metal media magazines like to believe is the real type Idol relationship ,with geeky perverted wotas supporting Idols only because
they have some type fetish.

akari and yukari of geeks
[Araki -Left ,Yukari-Right in race queen costume]


Honestly I think these type comments come from people that have never been around wotas or Idols and base their entire mindset off 2ch translated forums and Western urban myths about Japan and Idols.

Akari and I relationship is one of mutual respect for each other, we talk about Akari`s work as Idol and race queen and the day .She asks about mine as well, also my goals in music , and encouragement to see each other’s events.

Akari always reminds me that she has new signed goods and a kabe-don 2-shot pose ready for me when my schedule allows to head to Niigata and her desires to come to Tokyo to repay the visit to something I am doing.

There is also jokes we play such as me trying to embarrass her at least once a week by telling her she`s princess level cute that day.


This week an event happened that took our relationship to the different side of what you see from an Idol. Akari found out that I had hurt my hand seriously and Akari wanted to know every detail of what happened and if I was ok ,at the time I was not able to move my hand or fingers and would not for almost 30 hrs. Akari was troubled by this and the things I shared with her and she offered encouragement.

The next day Akari had a busy schedule and she did not check on the situation, however the next day a message came from her on a break in their office room saying “I`ve been very concerned about you ,how is your hand?”. She was happy to hear that I was able to move my fingers the smallest bit by then.

akari in office
[Akari in Office ]

Throughout the evening Akari on breaks from Idol work asked for updates, expressing excitement at any improvement.

Yesterday her first message was “I wondered today if your day was good and any more improvements?” So she received a progress report and responded in the kind way she does.

I am not sure when my hand will be well ,but I know that Akari will be balancing her Idol duties with checking on hand updates ,as we both do our best until the day we return to the embarrassment game ,negotiating how much merchandise we can get off each other at events and talking about what type Japanese Idols I am looking for ,for a new Idol vocal/dance group project company i am starting.

geeks blue and pink dress                                         [Yukari -L /Akari-R]

When I got into this genre of music ,I did so fully with an open mind and heart without any biases going in. It`s why this web site has the name it does . I wanted to learn the genre , not only from the fan side , but the Idol , producers and marketing sides ,to fully respect everything and sort out the good and bad on my own terms.

It is a genre that I am glad entered my life along with heavy metal , because it has allowed me to make dear friends from all sides of the genre.

It`s allowed me to try new dreams in creating  Idol music ,relate to Idols off the stage and build special bonds. I am grateful to the special bonds I have made in this genre and for the Idols I call friends.

Many years ago I was told a story by a wota friend about what Idol and wota mean to each other. It’s a very long story to tell , but in short it goes like this.

There was a wota that had a long loyal relationship with his oshimen. He bought everything she had , never missed a live or fan event. Then he stopped going to her events for several months.

One day he returns and his oshimen ,was happy but worried over him. She asked if he was ok and the wota said this is the last time I will see you. The Idol asked why, the wota said that he was getting married and that his wife needed his support. She understood and thanked him for his support and wished him happiness ,shook his hand and the wota cried and said I’ll never forget you. The Idol said I’ll remember you. As the wota walked away ,he looked back and saw his oshimen looking at him and wiping a tear from her eye.

My wota friend went on to say ,the meaning of the story is this. There is no Idol without the wota ,there is no wota without the Idol. The two work together creating special memories ,special bonds ,helping Idol reach her dreams.

I always thought that was a nice story that he invented to romanticize Idol –wota ,oshimen/fan relationship. That was until this morning.

Late last night I sent Akari an update it was late after her message to me , so I apologized for being late.

geeks akari 2

Akari this morning sent a response ,her forceful words were “ the immediate reply is not important , your hand injury and it`s immediate recovery is . As your best oshimen, it is my importance, I am very worried about you!”

When I think of Akari`s actions this week and my friends story , I understand what the words spoken that day means.
It has allowed me to see what the word oshimen means to Akari ,what our friendship and respect for each other means.
This week I saw a different side of Akari the Idol ,I saw what it means for the Idol in the story to wipe away her tears.

Everyone in this genre has a special story about an idol , or an event between them and an Idol .Some are funny ,some heartfelt , some turn into an unprinted scandal ,some are acts of kindness.
This is my special story this week.

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