PiiiiiiiN Cool Theme Park Rock Idols


PiiiiiiiN [ピーン] Is an Indie Idol that i`ve been putting more focus on lately .This group is one of the best gems in the genre and just maybe has two of the best vocalists in the Indie ranks.
PiiiiiiiN [pronounced peen] is a theme park concept Idol group in such a way that something special happens every day at a theme.
With this Idol group they bring this idea to life on stage with colorful stage shows that feature colorful and creative stage outfits and seven Idols that display a youthful ,cool rock image. This is an important factor for the group as their very name reflects in “spreading cool love.”

Unlike Idol metal units that put a lot of focus in fusion of JPop and other genres into metal and random breakdowns that can have a song going all over the place ,
PiiiiiiiN songs are seamless Idol rock with their own anthem style songs such as “Absolutely NEVER DIE”.

In traditional heavy metal we talk of anthem songs . Metal anthems are signature songs in a bands set list that gets fans fist pumping, heart flowing and singing along to . In many ways these songs sing themselves with metal crowds singing the choruses to the silence of the bands lead singer. For example Ronnie James Dio [DIO] “We Rock” is a metal anthem.

If you compare the same rules of metal anthems then PiiiiiiiN`s “Absolutely NEVER DIE” qualifies as an Idol Rock anthem.

Take a listen to “Absolutely NEVER DIE”


Recently the group released a new MV “BRING IT ON!!!”


The only downside to PiiiiiiiN is really nothing , only the tiny issue of like most Indie Idols it is difficult for us to encourage buying their CD as it`s mostly an live events release and Indie stores.
PiiiiiiiN does have several live videos on their YouTube page that shows the developing greatness of this group. It should be only a matter of time before more people get on board the support bus for PiiiiiiiN.

PiiiiiiiN is -> Suga Emiri (菅えみり) , Hara Ayano (原あやの),Saito Runa (斎藤るな),Kubomura Rizu (久保村りず),Hoshino Nina (星野にな),Shimomitsu Riko (下光りこ),Kamino Ami (神能あみ)