Inside the World of Idols with MELTIA


I`ve been wanting for some time to introduce Harajuku Idol Group MELTIA to our readers ,so this is the best time.
If you follow Japanese Idol genre to any serious degree ,then you know that there are rules Idols must follow .There are many more than the no-dating rule and MELTIA is here in English subtitles to explain the rules that Idols must follow besides no-dating.
1.Dance properly
2. No dirty language [this does not apply to most Idol metal groups ,who use profanity in lyrics , mcs and do one finger salutes]
3.Never never forget lyrics [footnote some Idols coolness covers this flaws quickly]
4.Don`t have fist fight or argument with group members [save that for wota wearing wrong shirt ,take him out back and fist fight]
5.Shake hands properly
6.Don`t mickey fans
7.Don`t take other members stuff without asking
8.Don`t stage dive for hair ribbon that falls in song
9.If your indie Idol bring costume ,don`t come dressed for Metallica concert
10.Don`t wear a fish on your head

Idol Rules

Idols also have rules for makeup
Everyone wants to look like an Idol but only an Idol can be an Idol



Now that you had a chance to learn Idol rules and make up , here is the group MELTIA in their kawaii look.
MELTIA is a Harajuku based Idol group ,they are the first and only Harajuku based Idol group .Their mission is to spread the kawaii style of Lolita to the world.
MELTIA members are
Melo Shirayuki

meltia melo
Nadeshiko Mizuki

meltia Nadeshiko Mizuki
Aira Hoshino

meltia Aira Hoshino
Caty Tambo

meltia caty
Ruru Fuwari

meltia Ruru
Yura Shiina

MELTIA Yura Shiina



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