Idol Rock Unit DEEPGIRL :Never Doubt the Power of Idols


DEEPGIRL is a fresh Idol Rock group that we mentioned not long ago that was having an debut with conditions . This Idol unit at first had to reach top 10 on Orion weekly ranking , this was later upped to an additional 10,000 CD units must be sold in the first week or the group will disband.
To help encourage their fan base to buy and buy often several fan benefits were offered based on the amount of units you buy as each CD had a star ticket inside. These star tickets were worth in x-amount of numbers a certain reward.

You can read our first article and the list of rewards in this article

I talked in the run up to the CD release with several overseas friends ,just really getting into the genre on the entire campaign ,trying to explain how Idol genre marketing works and if the group could meet the mark.

Having seen many Idol campaigns in the past , I never had any doubts they would survive as Idol wota simply when push comes to shove will not fail Idols.
DEEPGIRL managed to sell 11,150 CDs in their debut week 6,730 of those came from In store events . The group also managed to get #1 on Tower Records weekly sales chart .

As to their chances of reaching Oricon Top 10 depending on the sales week that should land the group any place from 4th to 10th  [Edit they got #13].
While some casual fans not use to Idol style marketing might question these type benefits for buying CDs , it`s really just the way the music industry works here and more importantly you should never doubt the power of an Idol group to rally their fan base to accomplish a campaign.


You can get their debut single for 1,000 yen each as each member has her own CD booklet cover