CODE OF ZERO: Everything Starts From ZERO

code of zero

Over the past few years we have witness the rise of Idol metal and Idol hard rock across Japan. At the front of these groups is of course BABYMETAL, however if you look deeper you will see that there are many more groups in this genre and many we have written about in the past.
No one group is the same, each has their own way of flying the flag of this new genre. Some groups mix more Idol pop into their music, others go for a more classic metal sound, and others mix in punk, Metalcore.

We have even reached the point where Idol metal has subgenres with Kawaii metal, Kawaiicore, Deathpop, progressive Idol metal, Idol doom metal, dark synth Idol metal, Idol melodic hardcore, Idol punk , Idol rock and so on. With each debuting group a new subgenre is born.

With each of these subgenres the groups are carving out their path in the genre by singing in Japanese, but what if an Idol was to enter this growing genre singing in English. What if this artist entered this growing genre with an “don`t really give a f**k attitude”. You might be thinking attitude maybe but never in English!
What if I told you this happened last night and she just might change the way this genre moves forward.

This artist is CODE OF ZERO.
CODE OF ZERO is a solo artist and a sister artist to the Idol metal group Gouhou Lolita Syndrome (Lolisyn).

CODE OF ZERO enters this genre with a raw sound and rebellious attitude as this banner shows.

code of zero banner

If the banner is not enough to prove to you what to expect with CODE OF ZERO simply look at her shirt in this video.


With CODE OF ZERO performing her songs in English she is giving not only idol metal fans here in Japan a new artist to fly our flag of Idol metal support with ,but she also gives International Idol metal fans an artist to grab on to for trying something different.


One live does not make a career and one live does not change a genre, it simply gives us a taste of the changes to come. CODE OF ZERO is a welcome change to a genre that still lives in the Idol underground.
Give her some time to settle in and grow and we could be looking back in a years’ time and saying 2015 .07.27 was the day Idol metal changed .




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