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underbeasty : Visual Kei Idol Rock Group

raven underbeasty

underbeasty is an Idol rock group that I have been following and supporting since their debut. They are a group that we have featured in the past with other rising Idol rock and Idol Metal groups ,but never have they received their moment to solo feature until today. underbeasty describe…

CODE OF ZERO: Everything Starts From ZERO

code of zero 2

Over the past few years we have witness the rise of Idol metal and Idol hard rock across Japan. At the front of these groups is of course BABYMETAL, however if you look deeper you will see that there are many more groups in this genre and many we have…

LADYBABY: Teaches Nippon Manju Choreography

ladybaby 3

In Japanese Idol genre, one of the more popular activities for fans is to learn the dances to their favorite Idol group songs. LADYBABY Has decided to teach the songs dance in the only way they know how the LADYBABY way. Enjoy Learning the Nippon Manju Dance the LADYBABY way…

Up and Coming Idol Group Stand-Up! Hearts, Afilia Saga Sister Group

stand up hearts

Stand-Up! Hearts is new Idol group that I have become interested in through Afilia Saga. Stand-Up! Hearts is a trainee Idol sister group to the popular Idol group Afilia Saga. As the group is still listed as trainee the group does not have a CD release yet, so the only…

Idol group No Makes JPop First Actress Idol Project

no makes

Idol group No Makes describes themselves as the industry`s first actress Idol project . No Makes is an Idol group-acting school ,whose goal is to be the first Idol group to win film awards over Oricon rankings titles. No Makes was started by film director Noboru Iguchi who has created…

Introducing Gothic Lolita Idol Unit Love Dream GLTOKYO


Love Dream GLTOKYO is a brand new Idol unit designed to present the Gothic Lolita subculture of Japan in the world. The GL stands for [Gothic & Lolita]. The members train twice a week and have about 3 lives a month and their audition age is 15 to 27 ….

Idol Rock Unit DEEPGIRL :Never Doubt the Power of Idols


DEEPGIRL is a fresh Idol Rock group that we mentioned not long ago that was having an debut with conditions . This Idol unit at first had to reach top 10 on Orion weekly ranking , this was later upped to an additional 10,000 CD units must be sold in…

PiiiiiiiN Cool Theme Park Rock Idols


PiiiiiiiN [ピーン] Is an Indie Idol that i`ve been putting more focus on lately .This group is one of the best gems in the genre and just maybe has two of the best vocalists in the Indie ranks. PiiiiiiiN [pronounced peen] is a theme park concept Idol group in such…



今日は原宿アイドルグループMELTIAを紹介したいと思います。 MELTIAは原宿を代表する最初のアイドルグループです。 MELTIAの目標は、世界中でロリータのかわいいスタイルを広げることです。 偶像の外国人ファンがアイドル規則について考えるとき、彼らは唯一のないデートのルールを知っています。 それはアイドルが尊重しなければならない唯一のルールではありません。 MELTIAは、ビデオによってアイドルのルールを説明します。 アイドルのルール アイドルが正しくダンス アイドルが汚れて話すことはありません 歌詞を忘れることはありません グループメンバーと戦うことがありません 適切にファンを満たします 決してミッキーファン まず求めることなく、メンバーから物事を取ることはありません 曲の実行中に落ちる毛のリボンのための床に飛び込むことはありません 衣装を決して忘れません (アイドルはメタリカのコンサートのためにドレスアップしないでください) 狂気の帽子を着用することはありません アイドルのルール Link アイドルはメイクを行うにする方法 Link MELTIAインタビュー Link MELTIAメンバー 白雪めろ 水木なでしこ 星乃アイラ 田んぼかてぃ ふわりるる 椎菜ゆら Link Link ロリィタアイドル meltia 公式 OHP 英語版の記事 English Version…

Inside the World of Idols with MELTIA


I`ve been wanting for some time to introduce Harajuku Idol Group MELTIA to our readers ,so this is the best time. If you follow Japanese Idol genre to any serious degree ,then you know that there are rules Idols must follow .There are many more than the no-dating rule and…