The Land of Idols Crowdfund Idol Film Project


The Land of Idols is a crowd-funded documentary on the world of Japanese Idol genre and is directed by Jean Armand Bougrelle through production by Loaded Films.

The Land of Idols takes a look at the world of Idols in a very respectful way .Much too often when talking about or Idol genre or Japan in general media tends to focus on the bizarre side of Japanese culture, with the goal to look down on things they truly don`t understand or are simply the oddities of any culture. This film plans to be different and here is why.

The Land of Idols follows the daily lives of Akihabara based underground Idols, power Idol units to countryside Idols in all their functions, from rehearsals, recording and photo shoots to live events. The complete list of Idols appearing has not been announced .I believe this is the right thing to do as it could create a backlash of why is so and so group in it and not this one as Idol fans are very loyal and protective of their Idol groups.

As supporters of Idol genre , the culture ,lifestyle and the creative marketing of this genre , this film has the makings of a can`t miss film for Idol fans and as a tool to introduce others to this wonderful and magical world of Japanese Idol genre.

Short preview

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Director and Film Company background

Director Jean-Armand Bougrelle is a veteran director of over 500 French music television shows and now calls Japan home.
Loaded Films is a Tokyo based film company with a number of successful works to its name since its formation in 2011

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