Play Balls Idol Group: The Absolute Fastball Girls’ Corps

playballs 1

Play Balls is a new Idol group that describe themselves as “the absolute fastball girls’ corps”. Play Balls goal is to become the official supporters team for the 2017 Japanese World Baseball Classic team .

The seven member group features a  statistical score system that gives the members baseball player like season statistics. The members earn rankings in batting average , home runs and runs batted in . These statistics are calculated on batting average [average vote ticket goods] ,home runs [member replica uniform sales] RBI [is two-shot checki`s] .

Their web site doesn`t clearly say how many items they have to sale to reach certain statistical points.

At the time of posting this article the members stats look like this [L-R / batting average/HR/RBI] .Airi Oku .480-0-1 ,Misaki Ochi .360-0-0 ,Tsugumi Shinozuka .800-1-2 , Aoi Daidoji .260-0-0 ,Shihoko Handa .180-0-0 , Akane Hiroshima .160-0-0 ,Ayane Mizuki .140-0-0

The group has a debut single which is currently a venue only release.


Recently the group has started a highly entertaining variety show which they post on their YouTube channel .The sound effects are just as funny as the members. The members might not know a lot about baseball , but they are excited enough to show what they know ,even if it`s wrong. Their excitement and comedy demonstration makes learning baseball the member’s way entertaining to follow.



Play Balls members
Airing #73

play balls  airing
Misakichi # 2

PLAYBALLS misakichi
Tsuguchan # 10

PLAYBALLS tsuguchan
Aoi #13

play balls aoi

Shiho #7

play balls shiho
A-Chan #8

playball achan
Ayame #12

playballs ayame