Mysterious New Artist, Did Tsunku`s Daughter Have Debut?


Normally our focus is on lesser known Idol units who are not as well covered as the large house company groups ,however something has the Idol wotas all in a state of investigation and excitement.

There is a new artist that has made her debut ,that looks a lot like one of Tsunku`s daughters.

Tsunku “legendary Idol producer for Hello!Project Idol groups” in 2006 married 25 yr old former model Kanako Idemitsu and together they have two twins (boy and girl ) born in 2008 and a second daughter born in 2011.

Kanako Idemitsu


What makes this an interesting topic of discussion is not that it`s a new artist debut as new artists debut every day and honestly at a rate faster than this site can keep up with.

No this new artist has three reasons to be mentioned

1.She`s the age of Tsunku`s first daughter

2.When you freeze frame the video to a close up shot ,she looks a lot like Tsunku

3.She sings in English.

Singing in English leads to the wota investigations that this young artist goes to an international private school. More mature idols such as two members of the now disbanded Idol group Ange (producer was arrested) went to international private school and often desired to carry out English conversations with me instead of Japanese when we visited together as a way to practice for school.

So it`s likely this new artist goes to a similar school.

This new artist simply known as Hotzmic made her debut through TNX a company that Tsunku created in 2006. When asked by media outlets to confirm if this is indeed Tsunku`s daughter TNX officials reportedly responded with “no comment !”.

As it`s not for me to decide if this new artist is in fact Tsunku`s daughter ,I’ll simply lay out the evidence that Hello!Project wotas on 2ch have collected and leave it for you to decide.

Frist Item A- The music video



Hotzmic01Hotzmic 3Hotzmic 2Tsunku's-wife

Hotzmic`s debut is a part of the new Nintendo 3DS game called “Rhythm Tengoku The Best +” a game series that Tsunku has been actively involved in the song productions.

So is this a warm up gig for little Tsunku ,until she is old enough to be the ace for Morning Musume ? One thing is for sure it`s never a boring day in this genre.


it`s been confirmed that the girl singing and in mv is Tsunku`s daughter