Marines Kanpai Girls True Baseball Idols


Chiba Lotte Marines which is a Japanese pro baseball team ,just outside Tokyo in Chiba Prefecture decided that some of the stadium beer girls will become an Idol Group .They will be produced by Avex
The Marines Kanpai Girls will perform Idol activities at QVC Stadium ,home of the baseball team Lotte Marines. The members have a target goal of 30,000 [equal to one fan per seat in stadium] total cups of beer served by August 30th to trigger other Idol activities ,such as photobook release. Due to this Idol unit being beer sales girls at the stadium all members are in their early 20s.

Marines Kanpai Girls





If it was going to be an Idol group from the Lotte Marines ,I thought it might come the teams dance team M☆Splash!!


Marines Kanpai Girls members are
Sayaka Imi

marines sayaka
Aika Omiya

marinea aika
Misato Maeda

marines maeda
Ayumi Sotozuka

marines ayumi
Misaki Hirayama

marines misaki
Naoko Asakura

marines naoko–naoko/

Update  Goal to 30,000 cups

Sayaka 2,945 cups
Misato 1,564 cups
Aika 1,942 cups
Naoko 1,238 cups
Misaki 1,213 cups
Ayumi 1,284 cups
Total cups of beer sold to campaign goal 10,186
They have 24 more games until their target deadline