Mari Mizuta Returns In New Music Project

Mari Mizuta 2

The last time Mari Mizuta (Izukoneko) made her presence felt on this web site she had a first class ticket on the midnight train out of Pla2me .Her reasoning was creative differences and her last nerve could take only so much of the travel from Osaka to Tokyo.

Now she is back under her own name ,for a new adventure. This time she is not taking any chances to have more creative differences as now she is in full control of her career.

Mari will be producing her own music, creating her own live event schedule and doing collaborations ,joining a band or gravure work. Simply put it`s her life ,her career , her rules and we are invited to play with her in her playground of creative juices.

With her being her own boss ,does this mean that Mari will fire herself for breaking the Idol no dating policy should her talent decide to break the Idol rules?
Mari`s new career gets underway with a Osaka live debut on July 22.

Mari Mizuta 1