Idol Rock Unit Splash! Looking to Survive with New Single


Idol Rock unit Splash! Is a group that I have been following since their debut in 2009 .This unit has seen its share of members come and go ,but Aya Sakohata and Arisa Hoshino have seen it through.

Their new single “Survive” would fit any JMetal album ,it`s just that good. The MV is pretty simple various scenes of the members singing . This is one unit that really doesn`t need to dance to be effective as their strong suit is their voices , looks and ability to express force and sexiness through their expressions and live performances.


“Survive” will be released on July 22 through King Records the same label that Momoiro Clover Z and AKB48 are on.

If you never bought one of their CDs before , take it from me and pick this up if you’re a fan of Idol Rock and Idol Metal.

Survive [Limited Edition / Type I] 1000 yen
Survive [Limited Edition / Type II] 1000 yen
Survive [Regular Edition] 1000 yen