Hakoiri♡Musume Theatrical Idols In a Box

hakoiri musume

Hakoiri♡Musume or “Daughter in a box” is a hard working young Idol group that is made up of eight young Idols you had one collective dream. That dream was to become Idols and make a music video.

Like many Idol groups starting out they faced many difficulties that large house Idols take for granted and one was how were they going to pay for this music video. So like many creative new Idol groups they turned to crowdfunding with the goal of collecting 800,000yen . When you’re cute young Idols (14-17) full of charm and determination and wotas ready to give their support ,this seemed like a possibility.

These young idols manage to break free from their name Hakoiri♡Musume  means “Daughter in a box” a term that was first used in Edo Japan (1603-1867) to describe a girl that lives a protected lifestyle by her family ,much like a princess ,by collecting 1.5million yen.

Hakoiri♡Musume is certainly an interesting Idol group to see live as they are all hoping to someday become actresses and as such they add a theatrical segment to their normal theater shows.

With one goal down the next for Hakoiri♡Musume is to make their own movie ,so fans get out your checkbooks when Hakoiri♡Musume come calling for their next crowdfunded project.

Hakoiri♡Musume debut MV “Hohoemi to Haru to One Piece”! will be shown first to their crowdfunders on June 28th before going up on YouTube.

A look at Hakoiri♡Musume in concert at a festival


I mentioned at the end of this article that the group has a theatrical segment in their lives