It`s All Your Fault! A new Type of Idol Rock Group

all your fault


From the moment that fellow rock music associates that a new yami-kawaii” idol Rock unit was being creating for a new Mensoore Aina [x-Ayaman JAPAN] project called “Yan-Doru Project” ,I’ve been curious about how this would play out.

The group name is It`s All Your Fault! (Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da) And is a “yami-kawaii” themed chaotic Idol Pop/Rock unit.

“yami-kawaii” means “sick cuteness”, this is not sick like someone has a type of illness. “yami-kawaii” is a sub-culture concept you find in anime and with some Idols.
“yami-kawaii” is the concept of Idols or girls in general being insecure, weak in appearance and pale or very fair faced. They are geeky types I need of protection. Examples of this pale face look would be Mai Shiraishi (Nogizaka46), Kanna Hashimoto (Rev. from DVL), and fashion model AMO.
There is types of makeup that girls can buy that aid in this  look.

“yami-kawaii” type Idols portray a gimmick of always having an internal struggle, aiding to her overall glass doll like fragile nature.
It`s All Your Fault! Will release their debut single called “Neo Jealous✡Mero Chaos” on a yet to be determined July date by digital format. If you’re in Tokyo late July their debut stage will be July 20th at Shibuya DESEO.

While their concept is original, it`s the members of It`s All Your Fault! That are capturing hearts and drawing immediate media attention. Overall this is one of the most attractive Idol units on the scene today.

So let`s have a look at these who feel that “It`s All Your Fault!”

all your fault mashiro
Asuna Yumesaki

all your fault asuna_yumesaki
Aza Mogeki

all your fault aza_mogeki
Gomochi Narumi

all your fault gomochi_narumi
Megumi Kisaragi

all your fault megumi_kisaragi

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Zenbu Kimi no Sei da : Inside Their Morbidly Cute World.