Introducing REMOTE GIRL


Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to a new project. Jenny and Chiil from the international pop group 4TE , have teamed together with up and coming guitarist
Alexander to create the band REMOTE GIRL.
Currently REMOTE GIRL are doing rock covers to popular JPop songs and mixing in originals .
REMOTE GIRL has already been featured on J-Melo and drew high praise from several leading stars in the Japanese music industry. The group also received a singer`s search award from J-Melo.



As far as the band goes Jenny mentioned to me that the band has a number of original unfinished demos and that she like to see them focus more on that side of the project.

Myself, I’d like to see them add a fulltime drummer and develop the band more as I think they have a high upside to be a successful band and take the project on the road .

There are a number of Western alternative rock bands I can see their style developing into if they wanted to transfer to an Western Influenced band as well as many Japanese bands they match up well.

With the success of a multi-national band like Monkey Majik has had in Japan as well as the appeal of Western bands touring Japan ,I can easily see REMOTE GIRL developing into a serious interest band for the Japanese music scene ,should they decide to drop covers for a serious original music run.

This is just a sample of what the band can do with an original track

This week REMOTE GIRL covered a Perfume song , marking Jenny`s joining of the band.


The song is Relax In The City and it takes the band to a new level of their evolution.
Over the past week or so ,when I’ve studied REMOTE GIRL and I picture were this band can develop going forward ,I am reminded of Stereophony and their song Stand By Me . It`s a song that I think could step up Chii to another level .Chii `s voice is charming and paired with Jenny they make a perfect vocal duo for what they are trying to accomplish with REMOTE GIRL.


Chii has this beautiful voice ,much like that of Re:NO of Aldious . Many might feel that Re:NO`s voice is a bit soft ,but what may seem as soft is a beauty in the way her voice sounds and her phrasing.

Chii has a similar softness to her voice and I think she is still discovering her strengths as a singer. Once she discovers who she truly is and can be as a singer ,I think the beauty in Chii`s voice will erupt and match her outer beauty making her a complete front woman for a band. The best is yet to come from her I feel and Relax in the City is just a small sample of this.

A shift to doing more original songs maybe the best answer for REMOTE GIRL as it will give the band time to write for their strengths and build on the journey they have started.

All the elements for success as band are there for them ,so I say to them ,trust in your talents and go for it.