IDOL ROCK Unit DEEP GIRL Oricon Top 10 or Disband Debut Single Mission


Idol Rock Unit DEEP GIRL from the Fuji TV show of the same name have set for themselves a mighty task for their July 1st  self titled debut single.

The group must reach top 10 on the Oricon rankings chart with this single or they will disband.
The single will come in 7 booklet versions , one for each member. Only the first editions will come with a benefits star card. These cards are designed to encourage buyers to buy the CDs in bulk to earn benefits.

These benefits are as follows
1 ticket gets you into a handshake event
5 tickets will get you a 2-shot with a member at fan event
10 tickets a member will send you a video greeting message
30 tickets earns you a trip to a karaoke group/fan event
50 tickets earns you a personal hand written letter from a member of the group.
75 tickets a member will wake you up for a week [phone call]
100 tickets earns you a photo session with a member + homemade cookies by the Idol.
150 tickets earns you a one hour phone call from a member
300 tickets earns you a lunch date with a member and manager chaperone [inc ( ear-cleaning )
500 tickets earns you a dinner date + photo booth with a member and manager chaperone (inc ear-cleaning)
1,000 tickets earns you a fireworks date with a member and manager chaperone
2,000 tickets earns you a hot springs trip with Idols and manager chaperone [no mixed hot springs bathing]

Note that the dates are not real types that you would take with a love interest,  it`s like an outing with your sister.

DEEPGIRL -ディープガール- Trailar【Official Video】