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The other day I had the time to be properly introduced to a singer that I had heard of briefly before. I say briefly only because outside of my normal metal genre ,when focusing on Idol genre and Pure Idol Heart I tend to only focus on female groups ,however after being briefly introduced to this guy and hearing his work and talking to others that I respect in this industry I thought that you might like to get to know this fresh talent.

Kevn is a Spanish-Japanese pop singer that made his debut in 2012 and he will taking on his second tour of Japan this summer.
His first successful tour of Japan resulted in Kevn being label a male Idol, I am not sure that his initial goal was to be an Idol, however after briefly talking to him, he`s welcomed the label and is diving deeper in the genre.
Kevn just released a new independent album titled “WILD” .WILD is an interesting release full of diversity and influences. Kevin with WILD has managed to blend not only traditions of Japanese pop, his own cultural heritage and vocal/songwriting influences into a moving album.

WILD is a welcome addition to the Japanese/pop music scene and to internationally Japanese artist coverage on Pure Idol Heart.

Preview of his new album WILD

Running Wild off the new album WILD


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[You can buy his new album through links on his web site]

Kevn Tour of Japan 2015

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