Debu, Miniskirts, Knee-Highs The Great Idol War

idol wars

Did you know that Idols are engaged in a secret dirty turf war? A war that consists of Miniskirts, Knee-Highs and throwing around the word debu ,like profanity from drunken sailors on shore leave.

You may have heard about the public Idol warring states war to carve out fan kingdoms in the genre. However in the world of dance/vocal Idols and maid café Idols there is the secret dirty war known as “Debu, Miniskirts, and Knee-Highs The Great Idol War”.
The Debu, Miniskirts, Knee-Highs Great Idol War pits Idols engaged in slang warfare ,diet and costume warfare for the hearts and minds of fans and customers. This is at the heart of the Idol warring states war.

On the streets of Akihabara rival maid-cafés are locked in daily heated turf wars for customers. The key ammunition in this war is the slang word debu [fat] or the more extreme version that translates to “fat ass”. You have Idols that claim their weight is that of a cream puff calling rival Idols debu ,in hopes they will leave the area and thus win customers passing by.

Idol live house backrooms are no different and even inside own groups and café`s ring the sharp swords of “shut up fat ass”[confirmed event by a maid Idol and Indie Idol]. The fear that “debu” Idols will drive fans away is very real and is an element of why certain type Idols are selected in auditions.
The perfect Idol for agencies is girls that are still in the process of growing and developing ,with an emphasis on being thin. While wotas will brag on 2ch that they love big breast Idols ,the truth is the preferred Idol for staff and for fans are tiny ,small to mid-size breast Idols [this is not a hard requirement].
This brings in the uniforms of Idols and the reasons Idols never consider themselves to be thin.

idol wars 2

Have you noticed there are the same general patterns of costumes for many Idol groups. Costume sets that feature the following “miniskirt ,Knee-high socks, tight waist and optional low-cut neck line or tight short pants replacing the skirts. For maid-café Idols and Pop Idols ,there are some fans that dream that the Idol they support will develop like an unrealistic anime character.

While this caters to some fetishes ,the uniforms serve a real marketing tool. Idols costumes are intended for tiny Idols ,so any slight growth in weight ,causes Idols to scream I`m “debu” on her blog and start to diet. She no longer fits the myth Idol that the genre has created. Fans start offering diet tips, support ,or outright threats of loose weight or I’ll turn on you. The great game for the hearts and minds of fans is underway.

For rival Idols the costumes are ammunition in their “dirty debu war”. You see the key element in the Idol war is the part of the Idol costume called “the absolute territory”. The absolute territory is the skin between the skirt or short pants and the knee-highs. Any weight gain there is reason enough for Idols to target rival Idols as “debu”. For the targeted Idol she feels like “game over, I lost my fans”. Some Idols use the debu as counter ammunition for rival Idols and mean fans. Idols are not above scolding debu calling fans , by attacking said fans “need to substitute a real girlfriend with Idol love”. As I said it`s a secret dirty war ,with casualties on all sides.

Once you see Idol genre for what it really is ,you start to understand why more importance is put on visual looks, marketing ,concert merchandise ,then vocal and dance ability for some groups.

For your favorite Idol, you can now think when you’re watching her on Showroom-Live, visiting her café or attending her live show “did my Idol call another Idol debu today in the dirty secret great Idol war”?

The above story was put together from true stories shared by Indie Pop Idols and Maid Café Idols in various media interviews, chats ,and other various Indie Idol staff comments and retold in a lighthearted way. Photos are random photos of Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) that fit the theme of warring Idols.