Crystal Rose: Determined International Net-Idols

crystal rose

Yesterday we received a message from a young net-idol unit , the note had very little information that it was almost passed over ,however some more investigating and a kind word from a 4TE member shed some light on a fairly new net-idol unit .

Crystal Rose is an interesting ,yet challenging JPop influenced net-idol concept that features 28 members from five countries.
The project started in 2013 and the information provided to us indicates that sometime in late May they will release their 4th single titled “Reflective Dreamer”.
The release I believe will be made through band camp

Crystal Rose is amateur net-idols and is making the best of the situation they have at this time.
With that being said I`ve had the chance to hear their new song , the B-sides they sent me as well as some of their other past videos.
Reflective Dreamer doesn`t feel like a JPop inspired song ,there are some things they could have done in the mixing or by a professional studio to make the vocals carry more weight to them and stand out more and enhance the overall sound of the songs.

This is largely due to the inexperience of the group and more professional and costly equipment needed. That`s not to say a highly expensive professional unit can`t fail ,as it`s just as easy to make a professional mixed CD sound brick walled.

Looking past that the recording members do have potential and there are four based on the photos who I’d like to hear sing in an audition setting.
While the single does not feel like a JPop single ,it does have a good overall Pop feeling and the group could be better off being just a Pop group and developing their own style and sound as there is a lot of potential for them to grow.

I`ve listened to both Reflective Dreamer and Echo in our office several times and I come away feeling like I wished I had the chance to bring them here to Tokyo  and work with them on this release and let a stylist touch their visual look as they are close to the mark and just little details they overlook can go a long way in making them have a stronger impact.

So while there are weak areas due to youth and inexperience there is a lot of strong points that give this group potential to grow and a group I want to monitor as they grow.

So my interest is peaked some and maybe yours will be as well and you will want to monitor their growth and even if there are ways to do so ,support their single releases.

As I am unable to release the songs they gave me ,the group does have an older release MV by a mix of members over the past 2 years of their project ,which is not much different from their new single as the mix and vocals of this song is much like the singles they sent me ,but  it does show the potential this project can develop.


If net-idols are something that you’re into ,than Crystal Rose is a project that is worth keeping an eye on.