An Idols Mind Most Beautiful

raw ham and baked  noodles 1

What comes to your mind when I mention the words raw ham and baked noodles? Food right! What if I told you that it had nothing to do with food and everything to do with Idols? Well two Idols in fact that are rewriting the way an Idol Pop live show should be.

Only in the world of Idols could the words raw ham and baked noodles work for a name of an Idol group.
For Namaudon the duo has taken various aspects of Idol and rewrote the rules. It used to be that comedy was reserved for short MCs moments in lives, however for these two Idols who self-produce themselves they have taken comedy and Idol to a new art form.

As I mentioned earlier raw ham and baked noodles are not only their name but the member’s names /responsibilities in the unit.

Their live show is nothing short of creative perfection as Mari [Ham] and Risa [Noodles] create a show theme for each live. These range from topics such as twin tail betrayal to Tokyo Dome One Man Live.

Their live show is short but intense, mixed with catchy songs and comedy skits that draw the fans in and to actively take part.

Knowing that these two Idol self –produce themselves, do songwriting and have crafted a fun must see show, your left with the words Raw ham and baked noodles are simply “An Idols Mind Most Beautiful.”

Don`t believe me, let the ladies themselves prove it to you with four recent live shows.

raw ham and baked  noodles 2

Story Theme- “twin tails betrayal’
If you notice at the start one is in twin tails, one in pony tail, the story starts with the first song.


Story Theme- Tokyo Dome One-Man Live
Ham and Noodles reach the top of Idol greatness and hold their first Tokyo Dome Live
[If you can dream, you can believe in- An Idols Mind Most Beautiful]


Story Theme- calamity of groove rat


Special Bonus, the group at AKIBA IDOL FESTIVAL


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