Tsunku♂ Hello!Project producer has vocal cords removed in cancer battle.


While Pure Idol Heart`s focus is on Independent Idol groups ,we have not forgotten the groups that paved the path for this genre to be what it is today. Hello!Project ,it`s family of Idols and legendary producer Tsunku♂ has long been a name respected in this genre. Many idols active today both national and Independent credit Hello!Project as inspiration for becoming Idols.

For musicians and producers Tsunku♂ has long been an inspiration to enter this genre and his ideas have shaped many new idol groups and companies methods of conducting business. His rock band Sharam Q has also been an influence on bands coming up in the business.

Sadly for some time now Tsunku♂ been battling laryngeal cancer ,unfortunately Tsunku♂ has made a difficult decision in order to continue on.

Tsunku♂ has announced through a letter and by blog post that he has had his vocal cords removed . Tsunku♂ said that he would continue writing songs and production work for Hello!Project groups. He will also be active in the company in ways without his voice.

This is a difficult choice to lose your voice, but one needed as he said to save his life.
What will be the future of Hello!Project groups is already been witnessed as other songwriters have been active with the groups ,however regardless of Tsunku♂ choice ,his effects will long been seen in Hello!Project groups today and in the future.

Tsunku♂ and his band Sharam Q