Tsubaki Factory Joins Hello!Project

Tsubaki Factory

Looks like former Berryz Kobo captain Saki Shimizu is settling in well to her new position as an Hello!Project advisor. After having an active role in the creation and naming of Kobushi Factory ,Saki is at it again with Tsubaki Factory.

Tsubaki comes from the flower Camellia Japonica which is connected to evergreen plants.

The group Tsubaki represents “pride”, “modest kindness”, and “supreme loveliness” and adding factory to the name is an interesting choice made by Saki.

Clearly she remembers the early days of Hello!Project when there was insert name + Musume running around.

Maybe with the birth of Kobushi and Tsubaki Factories ,Saki is thinking of these new generation spirits of Berryz Kobo are for her the Morning Musume, Country Musume, Coconuts Musume, Ice Creamusume in the next generation of Hello!Project.

Or maybe she is just missing the days of Berikyuu and H!P Kids. [veterans of H!P will get that remark] .

It`s exciting times at Hello!Project and with all the new fresh faced idols ,it feels like a brand new company to watch grow up.

For Saki she gets to continue her development into the business side of Idol working towards Idol producing and managing ranks ,while for the fans of Idol ,there is just another group to love and support.

The members of Tsubaki Factory are Kiki Asakura, Yumeno Kishimoto, Kisora Niinuma, Risa Ogata, Ami Tanimoto, and Riko Yamagishi.

Tsubaki Factory

The announcement was made on Hello Pro Station weekly broadcast , which you can see here.

There is nothing like seeing the faces of trainees with the “is this blanking real look when they get promoted to official idol level”