Sugoi!Singers looking for members for their net-idol project

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This is a little different from what we normally do around here .Normally we mention news related to our own Japanese dance vocal groups in our own Idol production company ,other lovely fellow professional idols in our genre here in Japan . We also mention news related to our partner Idol units in Thailand and international JPop group 4TE.

This morning we have some news that we were asked if we could mention.

As you know from our past we enjoy helping groups ,be it songwriting and producing them ,offering advice or simply passing along audition news or news in general.

The founder of Sugoi!Singers has kindly asked if we could pass along some background information and audition links.

Sugoi!Singers is an net-idol project that`s in its formation stages ,that aims to do vocal and dance covers to a broad range of music genre`s j-pop, j-rock, k-pop, rap hip-hop/RNB, jazz, punk, alternative.

Sugoi!Singers plan to cover songs in multiple languages and is open to male and female audition hopefuls with acceptance after auditioning being almost guaranteed.
Sugoi!Singers audition application is pretty straight forward and a quick review of it shows few complications .

In fact it`s easier to join Sugoi!Singers than it was for the twelve girls that survived our idol production company audition [not related to this web site] to become professional Japanese vocal/dance group. So if you like to sing for fun or hoping to get discovered and don`t have the ability to attend professional auditions here in Japan or in your homeland,I recommend you giving this group a look ,if it interests you.

If you’re reading this and saying to yourself nothing comes from things like this ,I strongly suggest that you look up Arnel Pineda. If it was not for his videos being on You Tube ,he would have never had the chance to join the band Journey.

Sugoi!Singers reached out to us to open a door for them and they are opening the door for hopeful new members.

Give this group a look over at the links below and decide for yourself if you want to enter the door that Sugoi!Singers is opening and we wish you luck as we do Sugoi!Singers


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