Pla2me : Creative Differences Leads to Member Leaving

pla2me 2                                     [Mari]                           [Saki]

When you hear the words left due to creative differences ,that`s often a code word in metal music to nicely say “they got on my last nerve”. In Idol genre you don`t see those words instead you see graduation ,that is until Mari Mizuta claimed “they got on my last nerve” sort of.

That`s right! She`s leaving Pla2me due to creative differences. This was actually announced on April 1st ,however I took it as an April Fool`s prank that Idols do at times ,however it was later confirmed by all parties involved to be true.
Mari announced that she would be leaving on May 31st due to artistic differences between her and Saki.

Mari didn`t do some wild heavy metal break up with daggers flying and trashing her group mate ,instead Mari simply said that she lives in Osaka and Saki in Tokyo and that she has to travel and stay with Saki for lives. With Pla2me not having lives in Osaka this created difficulties for her and that she treasures Saki as a group member and friend.

Mari said there are things that she wants to do ,but could not do them if she remained in Pla2me and that leaving was her best choice.

Saki apologized in her blog about this situation and said the rift between them started after their January 10th event. Instead of working things out together ,she let the rift grow larger by not helping Mari overcome her difficult times.

What made all of this seem like an April 1 prank was the statement from their manager stating that auditions would be held for male and females aged 17-28 and given that their manager Junnosuke Watanabe (WACK) created BiS anything is possible.

So after getting use to Idols leaving due to graduations ,will creative and artistic reasons start to replace graduations?

Mari and Saki have something truly special ,taking Mari out of this duo might make a change that cannot be overcome. Sometimes change does not bring magic and sometimes it brings greatness , we will soon find out if Pla2me v2.0 is greatness or the magic left with Mari.

Sad times indeed for Pla2me.