Idol Metal unit nIo Return as nIo-destroy

nio reborn

The last time we talked about nIo it was just after member No.1 had left the group and “buried” the remaining members in a “shallow grave” only for the members to shortly afterwards be seen as spirits in photos shot at night.

This was followed by the appearance of the mysterious lady in white. Many months have passed since that night in August the weeks that followed for the sightings went cold. There were rumors of spirits seen here and there but nothing ever confirmed until.
Until April 1st 2015 at last the maidens of darkness and chaos awaken from their sleep, nIo returned, reborn as nIo-destroy.

nio reborn

nIo had awaken from their darken sleep and they were joined by the famed metal band Genocide nippon to create the next chapter in this Idol unit story nIo-destroy.

nIo Destroy
While member No.1 was gone her presence was replaced by an enchanting woman of mystery the lady in white.

Gone two was the intense screams of No.2 and No.3; instead they had awakened from their dark sleep in a new vocal style that compliments the new haunting spirit that their new tortured soul in white brings.

While they were limited in time due to other units performing that evening to just two songs it gives enough taste of what to expect from their CD coming soon.
With the return of nIo as nIo –destroy, it appears that their newest member has awaken the true spirits of nIo and a new darkness is coming from these dark Idols.

Setting aside the dramatics, having nIo return is a welcoming and much needed element to the Idol metal genre. There is more than one name, one face in Idol Metal and it`s time that others start to realize the many special groups this genre has to offer.

nIo –destroy, their new destiny has awaken.


Metal Band GENOCIDE nippon

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