Idol Group Resistance Reloads for a Fresh Resistance

new resistance

With what feels like 1,000 active Idol groups ,trying to cover all of them daily becomes a task that no man can do or staff , but we do our best to show international Idol fans our wonderful Idol groups  here in Japan that you don`t often see on major media sites.

Resistance an Idol group we introduce to readers many months ago have had in the last few days a major lineup shake up. Gone are four of the original five members and in our four fresh faced Idols ,that as of writing this I am still getting to know better.

Sadly I have been busy with my own music songwriting and recording to have said goodbye properly to Shiori ,Akari ,Ayaka and Yuuri and tell them that I wish them well in their future travels.

While losing members you have become friends with is sad , change brings freshness ,new Idols and new friends and memories .

Today I`d like to introduce you to new Idols ,new faces and new friends and the start of memories .

resista maria 1

First up is Maria the youngest of the new members . A sweet girl in the short time we have talked and one who has started to make bonds with me. She has invited me to her live and has expressed interests to come see my future lives .

resista maria 2

Maria seems to be getting cuter with each passing hour and could end up capturing many fans hearts.
Did I mention that there is something about her eyes and expressions that brings out her idol cuteness.

Her Idol profile lists her as a red [member color] crazy girl . Maria is easy to like and support and if any luck comes my way ,I`d love to have her sing one of my songs in her music career future .

Maria greeting


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resista seina
Sadly I`ve only had the chance to say hello to her and not yet had a proper talk with Seina .
The first time you see a photo of Seina ,your taken in by her charms ,maybe that`s why she is in her words “the leader of erotica”.
Seina charm point is her weapon of stage sex appeal!
I look forward to getting to visit with Seina more as time allows.

Siena’s greeting


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resista yuki
Yukino takes over pink ,we have only had a brief talk and I hope when time allows we have more as she is a sweet Idol and together with the others she makes it hard to select a new oshimen.
Yukino I am sure will be strength for the new line up. Also if you look at her photos ,Yukino has an enchanting princess type beauty.

Yukino`s greeting


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resista ayana 2

The last of the new members is Ayana
Ayana I have yet to talk to other than an exchange of greetings . Her profile lists her as a tomboy and 170cm! tall. Ayana also lists being playfully stupid child as one of her charm points.
I think Ayana has a beauty about her that she has yet to discover and will be a charming Idol.

Ayana`s greeting


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resistance mizuki

The remaining member from the original line up is Mizuki
The first thing I think about her is seeing her shoe untied in a dance video and me telling Yuuri to tie Mizuki`s shoe on twitter.

Mizuki has always been the group’s cool member and expresses a cool beauty in her charm points. Mizuki now becomes leader of the new Resistance , yet I can`t help but to say to her “Mizuki make sure your shoes are tied in MV”.

Mizuki`s greeting.


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With Resistance reloaded and ready to start a new Resistance movement in Japanese Idol genre ,I will end with this “Are you ready to join the revolution ? Are you ready to follow the Resistance.”

Resistance Official