FRUITPOCHETTE : Statement of Paradox ,Releases Souten –Paradox MV


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When you say the words “ vanguards of kawaii-metal” ,it seems the metal media world outside of our lovely island of Japan ,seem to think that it is BABYMETAL and a bunch of copycat groups jumping on the BABYMETAL bandwagon.

I can understand this naive thinking for those just learning this genre ,even if it`s like saying that every group that wears colorful miniskirts ,individual member support colors ,with their twin tails flying in the air ,is simply a copy of the biggest idol groups out today. Idols have been around since the 50s and Idols have been mixing rock and metal together since the 80s and each bring their own specialness to the genre.

For kawaii-metal BABYMETAL is simply one , but not the only one that can rightly claim the title of “ vanguards of kawaii-metal” . Kawaii-metal is a genre with many active groups ,many styles all trying to carve out clans of support on their own work.

With Souten –Paradox the newest single off FRUITPOCHETTE`S album The Crest Of Evil ,it shows not only the growth that Mina and Shiori have gained from nearly non-stop touring since 2012 with Japanese heavy metal bands and Idol groups, but that they are ready to take it to the next level.

When you look at FRUITPOCHETTE this is not an Idol group that wants to feed you JPop-Metal fusion ,instead seeing FRUITPOCHETTE live takes you on a metal journey complete with songs from power/groove/ Melodic death /industrial/thrash/hard rock/gothic metal genres.

The only thing kawaii about FRUITPOCHETTE is Mina and Shiori. With Mina and Shiori now being backed more often by a lineup of superstar musicians Norifumi SHIMA (CONCERTO MOON) , Katsuhiko FUKUSHIMA (ex.Yasha) and Katsumi and KEN’ICHI from (LOKA) ,will we at last see this unit plant their flag as another vanguard of kawaii-metal.”

Kawaii-metal genre is in its infant stages ,but with Idol groups like BABYMETAL ,FRUITPOCHETTE ,nIo-destroy, Gouhou Lolita Syndrome (Lolisyn), Next Shojo Jiken, つばさFly [Idorock mostly] ,Gusodrop ,2&,Death Rabbits [Kawaii-Death/Pop] ,Dissenter Dolls,Under Beasty ,Tokyo Rockets, and others that have made debuts in the last 2-3 yrs. or just now debuting that are too many to mention for this article ,the genre is clear in its statements that there is not one but many vanguards in this genre all different ,special and waiting for you to notice them.

I decided when making this article to simply let the music do the talking for Souten –Paradox ,instead of giving one of those cheerleader reviews ,because they don`t have to convince me that they are one of the “vanguards of kawaii-metal genre” .

Witness the Paradox by Kawaii-metal vanguards FRUITPOCHETTE

Souten –Paradox MV

paradox mv


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