Idol POXX Arrival

POXX is a brand new Idol group from Cambodia that will make their official debut in Siemreap on March 15. POXX is also the first Cambodian based group to be featured on Pure Idol Heart web site.
POXX is a group under development of Cambodia Stars Academy ,who is produced by Japanese instructors.
The mission of CSA is to change the Cambodian music industry from one were groups imitate other groups and instead create their own original culture concept music groups.

POXX members through CSA have learned everything from music ,makeup and fashion with the purpose to give POXX their own style.
POXX through CSA will have the opportunity to work with music professionals from around the world.
With the debut of POXX it`s giving the ASEAN region a group to develop Idol culture and that certainly is a good development.
POXX has video and photos on the CSA Facebook.

Several more videos can be found here


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