FRUITPOCHETTE: Find a Clever? New MV Release

fruitpochette 2015

It seems like it`s been a very long time since Idol Metal unit FRUITPOCHETTE  released a new music video, well that`s because it has.
FRUITPOCHETTE the group that is light on music videos, but heavy on touring has a new full length album out titled “Crest of Evil” that they are currently touring in support of.
When I looked over the title tracks before the release, there was one title that I wondered what the song would be like and said to myself with the title being un-idol like as all their song titles are this would make an interesting Idol music video.
Maybe the girls were connected to my thoughts as sure enough they selected the song I was thinking about that seemed a bit out of place.
To support their new full length album the ladies in FRUITPOCHETTE feel the need to talk about a “CleverDick
If this track and album doesn`t prove that this group deserves to be alongside BABYMETAL flying the flag of Idol Metal to the world ,nothing will as these young adults are more than ready to take this show up a level.
So check out their new MV

With a 13 track album full of great songs, now is your time to jump on board this Indie Idol Metal unit’s cool ride and see where it takes you.


『The Crest Of Evil』Tracklisting

1. 灼熱-Drop-
2. 蒼天-Paradox-
3. 偉人-CleverDick-
4. 撃攘-Advance-
5. 饒舌-DieOut-
6. 唯我-Vainglory-
7. 堕天使-Repose-
8. 闇-Happiness-
9. 狼煙-Action-
10. 狂気-SheerMadness-
11. 殲滅-Effect-
12. 落花-Deadly-
13. 静寂-Lacus-

Take the time to buy this great album
My understanding is that for Idol fans outside of Japan that CD Japan is easier to order from than others, so I am posting the link to their album to buy below. Pick it up if you like Idol metal, you won`t be sorry that you did.





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