BiS Twisted Sisters BiSH


For fans of the Idol unit BiS ,seeing them come to an end was a sad day as many felt that the unit was really just starting to find their creative stride when the end came.
However our longing for the bizarre has been answered as former BiS manager “WACK” (Junnosuke Watanabe) has created what could be labeled as the twisted sisters of BiS under the name BiSH.

BiSH stands for “Brand-new idol SHiT“ and just what their Idol mission is unclear at this time.

BiSH member’s names are also a split from the Idol norm and at first reminds you members of Afilia Saga.

BiSH members are
Yukako Love Delux :     [Left group in April ,due to over thinking]

bish yukako
Momoko Gumi Company :

bish momoko
Saint Chihiro Chitti :

bish saint
Aina The End :

bish aina
Hug Mii :

bish hug

BiSH Official Site :
BiSH Twitter :

BiSH will release a full album under the same name as the group on May 27th ,we will bring more about this new unit as it is released.