4TE Asks Fans to Get Closer With Free Newsletter

new 4te

First my apologies to Jenny of 4TE as I was scheduled to announce this much earlier ,but as she is aware I’ve been away busy working on my own Idol music company first group and a real cute new singer who I hope we will start recording her metal debut in April.
So I am sorry Jenny, Lol

Now on to the news of 4TE
Our good friends International JPop group 4TE has asked that we pass along a bit of news for them.
They have started a fan mailing list/newsletter.
Jenny said to me that the reason for starting this newsletter was in her words!!!

“We want to keep fans connected with what we’re working on behind the scenes since it’s hard to always keep up on social media, especially when we dive into working on our music and filming again.”

One issue has been released so far and a link is here to check out. The issue includes some really great news for the group and shows how serious these ladies are at making this concept work on the international stage.

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