Self-Produced Idol Unit callme Releases debut single!


callme is a sub unit created by KOUMI, MIMORI and RUUNA from the Avex recording Idol unit Dorothy Little Happy.
What makes callme interesting is unlike the normal trend of agencies or labels telling Idols what they will do next; callme is “self-produced” by the three members.
KOUMI, MIMORI and RUUNA produced everything about this project, from the music to dance choreography and visual look of their hair and costumes.

For the music video the three selected retro-styled costumes and bob hairstyles.
callme, debut single is titled “To shine” with the coupling track “Once again” included for all versions with a bonus track “Falling for you” limited to the (Type-B) CD-only version.

callme will also feature a special version of the single for what they call  callme fan events and at mu-mo online . The only difference in this single is that each member will have a personal version.