Member of 3b Junior Idol In Coma After TV Taping Accident


A member of the idol group 3b Junior Idol made up of 25 Idols age 10-16 and connected to the same company that oversees the highly popular Idol group Momoiro Clover Z and others ,has suffered a terrible accident while filming a variety TV show.

On January 28th five members of the Idol group were filming a program for the network TV Asahi . During the taping the members were playing a voice changing game using Helium . The 12 year old Idol [simply listed as A-chan in some news reports] ,became ill and lost consciousness after inhaling the gas to change her voice for the game. After the Idol could not regain consciousness she was rushed to a nearby hospital in Tokyo.

Takeda Toru who is the managing director of TV Asahi announced that the young Idol is currently still unconscious , but has started showing some improvements such as eyes and limb movements and being able to swallow liquid drinks. Doctors believe that the young Idol will make a full and quick recovery.

Tokyo police have launched an investigation ,into why the Idol group staff and show staff failed to review the game conditions in advance of filming and only noticed after the fact that the strength of the helium was intended for adults and other details related to the accident .

The program is intended to be broadcast on February 25th . TV Asahi are considering canceling the broadcast due to the young Idols current medical condition.

Pure Idol Heart will bring any follow up updates as released by TV Asahi and 3b Junior Idol management. Please keep in mind that in Japan , family determines if and when something is announced. Just like when Karen of Steamgirls passed away ,it was not announced for several months after the fact ,details of this event maybe slow in updating.