Hello!Project Starts a Fist Club and Taguchi`s Dog

Kobushi Factory

It seems that the powers to be in fortress Hello!Project have either starting hitting the cold medicine hard or there are two groups in the company with anger management issues.
First a little flashback , it was not so long ago when the artist formerly known as S/mileage released a video claiming they were mad at everybody in H!P .Their issues were not having the same amount of Gravure DVDs ,to cake disrespect and more.
Then they changed their name to ANGERME ,which we all know is code for “we are still mad over these lack of Gravure DVDs and not having our name on cake backstage“.

Now seems the newest unit in H!P also has anger management issues.

Hello!Project newest unit has been named Kobushi Factory.

Kobushi is a beautiful springtime magnolia ,but it also has other meanings that we need to mention.
A-Kobushi also means fist , a sign of unity to the group
B-Kobushi is the name of member Natsumi Taguchi`s dog. [This is talked about in the name announcement video segment with the group members]
C-Wotas have started also calling them KFC [Kobushi FaCtory]

The Factory part of the units name is in reference to them taking over the roster spot of Berryz Kobo and their desires to take the spirit of Berryz Kobo to a new era.

Fist Factory , I mean Kobushi Factory will be releasing a special DVD/CD from March 26 to April 5th at the BIG TREE THEATER only were the group is involved in a musical called “Week End Survivor”

Fist Factory, I mean Kobushi Factory members are Rio Fujii, Ayano Hamaura, Ayaka Hirose, Rei Inoue, Minami Nomura, Rena Ogawa, Natsumi Taguchi, and Sakurako Wada.