Hachamecha Get Major Debut Challenge

hachamecha Darkness

Idol Group Aoyama☆Saint Hachamecha High School find themselves in a position to get a major label debut single and they will have to do some work to secure it.

Recently at a concert for Hachamecha member Hitomi Sakaki birthday the group announced that they would be making a debut if they reached the conditions set to earn the contract.

For the group to see their goal of having a major debut become a reality ,they must on April 5th draw 2,000 fans in the 2,709 maximum capacity Zepp Tokyo music venue.
If they fail the contract would be voided. To date their best draw for a one-man [one group] live was 800 .

There have been many groups that have faced major debut challenges or in one case ,if you don`t sell x amount of CDs they retire as a group. To date as far as I know not one group has failed their challenge.

Hachamecha have a huge task ,but one that I am sure the Idol community will not let them fail.