Acrobatic Dance Vocal Unit :PINK DIAMOND

pink diamond

PINK DIAMOND is a new Japanese dance vocal unit that features acrobatics in their dance movements.
The five members are all in junior or high school and are known by the names (Mami Ookawa, Yuko Shimizu, Ayaka Takizawa, Sayaka Tatsumi, and Marin Nomura).

Their debut song is titled “SUSHI PARTY” and shows the group being cool and serious with no smiles being shown, something that is uncommon for Idol videos.

Western music lovers who see this music video for the first time ,may think “this is a dumb music video” ,however when you consider Japanese pop culture ,several groups have done an one off food related song and is seen as normal.
PINK DIAMOND look set to take this genre on a new and interesting adventure.


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