TOKYO GIRLS` STYLE Say Goodbye to Idol World Hello! JPOP World


TOKYO GIRLS` STYLE has made a surprising announcement that starting April 2015 ,they will no longer consider themselves or market themselves as an Idol genre group.
Instead they will become an non-Idol JPop group. What this means is that the group is cutting all connections to their Idol past ,such as dependence on wota fan support, Idol style promotions and marketing ,taking part in Idol concert festivals and anything else associated to Idols.
On March 11th as a start to this change over to showing that they are artists and not Idols the group will release a new single which the lyrics will be written by TGS member Miyu.
TGS plans to become an International touring unit and has already started to release video and single in English. It will be interesting to see what changes come with this move both in artistic and maturity. TGS has always been a very strong vocal group and carry a youthful cuteness that draws fans from all over  .It`s a bold move and one that shows AVEX has a lot of faith in the group to be successful at making this change.
Until their next chapter is started here is a look at TGS doing what they do best.