Pure Idol Heart Interviews Little Witch

Recently I had the pleasure to introduce the readers of Pure Idol Heart a really cute and sweet fresh Thai dance cover Idol group Little Witch cover LinQ. Little Witch is a sister group to the Thai dance cover group Magical cover Afilia Saga ,which is where the name Little Witch came to be.
The reader reaction was strong , so I wanted to bring more of this group to our web site.
I got permission from their manager to do an interview with the entire group and the following interview is the results. Please enjoy my entertaining interview with Little Witch.
To help our readers put a face with the name ,we have placed member photos in the interview.
Little Witch Interview

Little Witch

01. Hello, could you introduce yourselves and tell us which LinQ member you cover.

Little Witch Choco                                                   Little Witch Choco

Little Witch Mixer                                             Little Witch Mixer

Ray: I’m Ray cover as Ichinose Miku
Choco: Hello, I’m Choco. I cover as Shiira Fuko in LinQ! Nice to meet you! >__<)/
Mixer: Hi, I’m Mixer cover as Yoshikawa Chiaki
Lin: I’m Pailin, cover as Araki Kokoro.
Mayami: Hi~nyan hello I’m Mayami cover as Oishi Mei. You can call me “Mami” or “Mi”.
Niew: I’m Niewnine cover as Matsumura Kurumi.
Eri: I’m goat…Oops!! Eri-Nya cover as Yamaki Ayano.
Liew: Hi~\(^▽^)/ I`m Liew cover as Takaki Yuumi.
Cherry: Cherry desu. I the red fruit.
Alice: Hi, My name is Alice. I cover as MYU(≧∇≦)
Fah: Hi I’m Fah, I covered as Amano Natsu.
Komari: I’m Komari cover as Himesaki Ami.
Aeam: Hi, I’m Aeam cover as Sakura Manami.
Nat: Hi, I’m Nat. I cover as Mizuno Marina.
Eurng: Hi! My name is Eurng, cover as Hara Naoko.

02. Did you know each other before joining Little Witch?

Little Witch Lin                                               Little Witch Lin

Ray: Never knew the other members before
Choco: I didn’t know anyone before I join LW. It’s really confusing when you go dance practice lesson and you didn’t know one, but now we are all friends!
Mixer: I didn’t know them before.
Lin: I’m already known some of them before join this group.
Mayami: I know Eri only; I was tempted to join this group. Ww
Niew: I know someone before.
Eri: I know some but we know together when we joined
Liew: I didn’t know anyone before (´; ω ;`)
Cherry: I didn’t know them.
Alice: No, I didn’t. So at first I’m afraid to talk to each other but now we’re familiar. I really fall in love with all Little Witch’s Member. Wish everyone fall in love with Little Witch cover LinQ too.
Fah: Yup, the only close member that I knew before was Choco.
Komari: Only some members.
Aeam: At first I never know anyone ‘cause I was just a loner.
Nat: I know Mixer only.
Eurng: I know Fah before join this group.

03. Why did you want to become a dance Idol?

Little Witch Mayami                                               Little Witch Mayami

Ray: I think that it would be fun.
Choco: I like Idols. I like how they are hard working. When you are really hard working on something and people support you, it feels really good!
Mixer: I like to dance and will be happy when I do it.
Lin: I love to stand on the stage and dancing is one of the best ways for relax after studying hard. It can make me feel more tired but I still enjoy dancing.
Mayami: In fact, I do not like to be an inactive person and I like to dance and listen to idols songs so much.
Niew: Actually, I never did dance before I join this group. I think it’s a new experience for me.
Eri: That’s why… hmm ‘cause I can eat more than normally XD.
Liew: I wanna dance for a long time. I accept immediately when they give me a chance (ノ> ◇ <) ノ♪
Cherry: I love to dance. It’s my favorite hobby when I had free time, but I’m so busy now T_T
Alice: I was invited to join Little Witch so I just tried to find a new experience.
Fah: Dancing on the stage with friends would be very nice moment. So I decided to join this group with no doubt.
Komari: It’s easy to decide when I got invited to this group. Because I love to dance.
Aeam: Because I want to be slim, but exercise is so tired and bored. So I join this group ‘cause I think that will be fun. (maybe I wrong, cause I eat a lot when I be with them Ww)
Nat: At first, I just want to try to do it because I had free time. But when I do it, I feel that it`s great fun.
And it made I know other members, too.
Eurng: Fah invited me to join group so I decided to join Little Witch.

04. What is it you enjoy the most about being in Little Witch?

Little Witch Niewnine                                                  Little Witch Niew

Ray: For me, when we spend our time together is the best.
Choco: I really enjoy when we get on stage and see our fans having fun with us.
Mixer: Eating and dancing together.
Lin: Everyone is so nice to me. I like to have a chat with them before start dancing practice.
Mayami: Eating!! Oops!! … Actually, I love when am I spending my time with Little Witch members. I am never bored with them.
Niew: Best moment for me is the time when I am with them. They so crazy!! Ww
Eri: Snack time party!!
Liew: The time that I get on stage with members and our fan come to enjoy with us (๑•̀ㅂ•́) و
Cherry: Little Witch members!! Just being together, we can enjoy all the time.
Alice: Dancing, Chit-chatting, Eating, and the most is make a new cosplay project with other members! LOL
Fah: Dancing, eating, and chatting, these moments make me in love with the Little Witch again and again.
Komari: Being a part of this group and dance together with them.
Aeam: Absolutely, it is dancing.
Nat: When I talk my favorite topics with other members who like the same thing.
Eurng: Dancing with Little Witch members.

05. Do you have anything special that you do before a live stage to perform for good luck?

Little Witch Eri                                                Little Witch Eri

Ray: Hug and hold the members hands before getting on stage.
Choco: Just focus on “How to make people who always support us have fun by our performance.”
Mixer: I do practice for a little bit and then relaxing
Lin: I always looking at my idol photos (nice looking guys //just kidding Ww) before getting on the stage. It can make me feel more relaxed.
Mayami: Keep breathing and think about happen thing on stage that make me happy.
Niew: Concentrate and remind myself that don’t forget dance step.
Eri: We have a phrase to shout together.
Liew: Hmm… I only think about how to make the audience enjoy with us. Wwww
Cherry: Encouraging myself.
Alice: Tell myself don’t have to worry about anything. One thing is to entertain the audience to make them enjoy and be happy with our performance. But I’m still be excited -3-
Fah: Just taking a very deep breath, clapping my hand, and hugging with other members.
Komari: Nothing for me. I think that I will not worry if I have a mistake, just do my best Ww. I want our audience enjoy together with us.
Aeam: Practice more and more and more.
Nat: Every time I pray lucky for me.
Eurng: I don’t know. Hahaha XD

06. What is your favorite LinQ song that you like to perform live?

Little Witch Liew                                      Little Witch Liew

Ray: for now, 冒険 (Bōken) is my favorite.
Choco: “For you”
Mixer: チャイムが終われば (Chaimu ga owareba)
Lin: HANABI!! , ウェッサイ!!ガッサイ!!(wessai gassai)
Mayami: Too much for me, but “GARNET” and “ナツコイ (Natsukoi)” are my favorite now.
Niew: I love “HANABI!!” it’s enjoyable song and I love dance performance too.
Eri: Chocolate kiss. I love “chu chu chu” in this song ♡♡
Liew: I love “GARNET” but I still not complete for this song yet.
Cherry: HANABI!! It’s my lovely favorite summer song.
Alice: The most favorite song is ‘ Calorie nante ‘ because it’s the first song I’ve practiced and it’s have a cute lyrics.
Fah: Hard to choose! Actually “For you” had always been my first but right now HANABI!! already took that position.
Komari: “Calorie Nante”. I love this song ‘cause it was beginning song of us. Every time I heard this song I will get up and dance.
Aeam: I love “Hajimemashite” ‘cause you can see everyone in this song.
Nat: “Calorie Nante” ‘cause it’s first song that I can dance, and everyone remember us from this song.
Eurng: “HANABI!!” *^*

07. As the group`s name is Little Witch, what is one magic power you wished you had?

Little Witch Cherry                                     Little Witch Cherry

Ray: I need “Diligence Power”
Choco: A magic that I can eat a lot and I will not get fat. Ww
Mixer: Magic that I can transform myself to anything.
Lin: Magic that can make me travel to Japan every month. (for looking for idol live and new release manga (?))
Mayami: I need the magic to make myself become a magical girl like anime story “Precure”.
Niew: Magic that can bring money to me.
Eri: Magic that can make SWENSENS (Ice-cream shop)
Liew: If I have a magic?….I want the Warp Magic. I will warp to watch LinQ’s live by myself (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Cherry : Become invisible.
Alice : I wish I could have a teleportation. When I’m late for practice I can use it to move myself to the practice place and I won’t be late for snacks or dessert at the practice area LOL. Telepathy is sound interest too. I can know what others think but sometimes it can make a stress so I’m not sure about that. I want the magic that even I eat a lot I won’t get fat !! ㅠ ㅅ ㅠ .
Fah : Magic that makes me to be able to memorize all my study lessons. So I can get A in all subjects by doing nothing!
Komari : I want Transform Power (Henshin!!)
Aeam : Hehh, I don’t know how to choose. Maybe invisible magic, I can go anywhere and noone can see me. (But everyone will be worried about me if i disappear. Ww)
Nat : I want magic that can control the time. I need more time to do more things that I love.
Eurng : If I have magic. I wish it take me to Japan. I wanna buy anime goods.><

08. Favorite things you like to do in your free time, like cosplay, Idol groups you like singing or dancing to?

Little Witch Alice                                                 Little Witch Alice

Ray : Cosplay, painting, dressmaking.
Choco : Cosplay, photo shooting, traveling, reading, sleeping and rolling around my room.
Mixer : Cosplay, singing and dancing.
Lin : Studying, singing, dancing ,watching anime, cosplay (reading sport manga and enjoy looking to handsome character ///A///)
Mayami : Cosplay, dancing, singing, painting, watching anime, playing the game.
Niew : Cosplay, write some short article but I usually busy all the time.
Eri : Cosplay and painting.
Liew : Cosplay, listen the music, watching anime. And Love Live! Is my favorite now. Nico Nico nii~
Cherry : Cosplay, reading, eating dessert.
Alice : I like to reading , painting ,playing on internet and playing with Alfie, my rabbit .
Fah : Cycling, playing baseball and tennis. I love sports. XD
Komari : Eating, listen the music, play card game, watch idol video.
Aeam : I will go to the forest if I have free time enough (I’m so busy now). I love to climb the mountain, go camping. I don’t like to rest in resort, but just have electric and water it’s ok.
Nat : Watching drama series, cosplay and painting.
Eurng : Watching anime, cosplay, reading manga and novel.
09. Do you have any entertainment goals or dreams, such as becoming a singer, actress?

Little Witch Fah                                               Little Witch Fah

Little Witch Komari                                              Little Witch Komari

Ray : I didn’t think of any goal but I love singing.
Choco : I wish I could dance with my friends and be a real idol group.
Mixer : I would like to be Singer and Actor.
Lin : I really want to be a singer > A <
Mayami : I wanna be an idol.
Niew : Journalist!!
Eri : Designer but maybe I have some entertainment goal in future.
Liew : I didn’t think about that, but I want collaboration with LinQ on stage for once in my life.
Cherry : Model, but now I become magazine model ♡♡
Alice : A Magazine Model but I’m too short …
Fah : Voice actor used to be one of my goals, but my real dream back then was being the astronaut. (true story)
Komari : I have dream to be a Singer. But I think that I should sing in karaoke only.
Aeam : No, I don’t think about this.
Nat : I have a dream to have a body like Victoria Secret’s model.
Eurng : I want to be idol.=w=

10. What is one thing you can do that you will not lose to another member of Little Witch at?

Little Witch Aeam                                     Little Witch Aeam
Ray : Taking care of everything for members.
Choco : Eating.
Mixer : Check detail of dance performance.
Lin : There is nothing specifically for me.
Mayami : Be the troll kid.
Niew : Clumsy and forgetful…. (;,,3,;)
Eri : Eating!!
Liew : Smiling(?)
Cherry : Smiling ^_^
Alice : If I pretend to do something ,I’m always doing my best effort ,either studying or dancing . Especially EATING !!!!
Fah : EATING!!
Komari : Eating dessert ♡
Aeam : Do everything at once. I can even play game in iPad and iPhone, dressmaking, listening music and do my homework at the same time.
Nat : Poker face.
Eurng : Eating….

11. Could you tell us your charm point

14 Nat                                                 Little Witch Nat
Ray : Smile
Choco : Maybe my eating style (?)
Mixer : Smile and Cute(maybe?)
Lin : I think my face.
Mayami : Height….
Niew : My eyes
Eri : My cheek
Liew : Cute face
Cherry : My smiling face
Alice : I like to smile so my charm point is maybe my smile > w <
Fah : mm … maybe being talkative most of the time (not sure is it charm point or not haha).
Komari : Charm point? It’s me when get dessert ♡
Aeam : Positive thinking.
Nat : Maybe my face when conversation with others in my favorite thing.
Eurng : I’m not sure my charm is but I’ll try my best to practice dancing.

12.Lastly give your best member self-introduction MC?

Little Witch Eurng                                                 Little Witch Eurng
Ray : ….Ray….desu
Choco : I’m Choco, cover as Fukochan! I love sweets and foods! Nice to meet you ♡
Mixer : “Hi, I’m Mixer of Little Witch cover as Yoshikawa Chiaki
Lin : Hello every one, I’m not a talkative person but I will try my best for improving my dancing skill, Nice to meet you all.
Mayami : Nico Nico Nii~ Oops!! Sorry… Yeah!! Mayami desu, Are you ready to enjoy with our 100% fresh and happiness? Yahhh!!
Niew : Niewnine desu //wink
Eri : Give me ‘E’ , ‘R’ and ‘I’ . And call me ‘Eri-nya’. I’m Eri cover as Yamaki Ayano.
Liew : Even you can’t see but I will spell magic of smile to you °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° Liew desu~www Hope you all enjoy with us.
Cherry : Hi!! I’m the sweet red fruit of Little Witch. Cherry desu~♡♡
Alice : I will try harder to practice my dance skills . I’m not the best dancer but the best Little Witch lovers. Finally, Too young too die \m/
Fah : Right now I might not be that good in performing live but I will put my best effort on it! I think it’s the only way to show to LinQ that we’re really in love with them. > w < ♡♡♡♡
Komari : Just Rider who walk through this way…sorry!! Komari desu~ I wish you all be happiness from nowキラ☆キラ(∩。•o•。)っ.゚☆。・
Aeam : Hi, I am secret character. If you see me on the stage, you’re so lucky. Keep your eyes on me.
Nat : Could you feel the magic? Let me show you that why I am a little witch. Nat desu.
Eurng : Hi! I am Eurng cover Hara Naoko dese. Finally, keep following Little Witch. Nice to meet u everyone ♡

Thank You for taking the time to do this interview, could the leader of Little Witch give a final support message to the readers of Pure Idol Heart that maybe hearing about your group for the first time?

-Ray –

Little Witch Ray                                        Little Witch Ray
Hi~ we are Little Witch cover LinQ.
We are cover dance group from BKK, Thailand.
Even if we’re not the best performance , we will never lose to anyone in effort way.
If you have a chance to meet us at event, we hope you’ll be enjoying with us.
And if you’re LinQ fan, please support us, too.
We try to do our best to make a great performance like them.
‘Cause Little Witch love LinQ, Love in Qushu ♡♡♡♡
We love all sweets, We fight for eat, We are Little Witch


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