Niji no Conquistador: Idol Conquistadors

Niji no Conquistador
Niji no Conquistador also pronounced “ Conquistador del arcoiris” made their debut in July 2014 for Tsuku-dol!Project. Tsuku-dol!Project handles Idols ,voice actors ,artists ,cosplayers and more. In the music department they are aided by establish songwriters and choreographers who have worked with the likes of PASSPO and UPUPGIRLS KARI.
Niji no Conquistador members are Minari ,Yuka ,Nonota ,Hiyori ,Emiri, Akari ,Nanami, Nagi, Karin ,Nana ,Moe and Mizuki .The members are all youthful with date of births ranging from 1996 to 2001.

Their live shows are unique and they have developed a solid following for their web casts.
If you are a fan of Dempagumi.Inc ,then I highly recommend this group to you as they are a bit of higher voiced Dempa type unit.

To date they have two music videos and the second is so far my favorite as they have really shown what this group and company combined talents are able to deliver.

I expect nothing but great things in the future for this group.
First MV

Second MV


The group have a number of goods on offer and some earn you “love points” if you are a member of their fan club.
You can see the goods samples at this link
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