Introducing Thai Group Little Witch cover LinQ

[01] Calorie Nante costume [03] sakura kajitsu costume

Little Witch cover LinQ is a Thai dance cover Idol group ,that I was first made aware of by some members of the Thai dance group Magical cover Afilia Saga and the producer/manager of the dance group Kira Taiyaki cover Team Syachihoko. Their name came up in a conversation I had about wanting to work one day musically with a Thai group. So as a result the members of Magical mentioned Little Witch and after watching a video or two on them ,I was really taken by their charm and have wanted to introduce them to our readers.
As mentioned in the opening Little Witch is a Thai dance cover Idol group that covers the Japanese Idol group LinQ. Little Witch is made up of 15 talented and very very cute dance Idols ,each playing the part of a member of LinQ.

As today`s article is just an short introduction to the group , let`s meet the members of Little Witch

The Members are
Ray as Ichinose Miku

01 Ray as Ichinose Miku
Aeam as Sakura Manami

02 Aeam as Sakura Manami
Liew as Takaki Yuumi

03 Liew as Takaki Yuumi
Prae as Yamaki Ayano

04 Prae as Yamaki Ayano
Nan as Himesaki Ami

05 Nan as Himesaki Ami
Mixer as Yoshikawa Chiaki

06 Mixer as Yoshikawa Chiaki
Alice as Mizuki Moe

07 Alice as Mizuki Moe
Choco as Shiira Fuko

08 Choco as Shiira Fuko
Fah as Amano Natsu

09 Fah as Amano Natsu
Mayami as Oishi Mei

10 Mayami as Oishi Mei
Nat as Mizuno Marina

11 Nat as Mizuno Marina
Niew as Matsumura Kurumi

12 Niew as Matsumura Kurumi
Cherry as Sakai Asaka

13 Cherry as Sakai Asaka
Eurng as Hara Naoko

14 Eurng as Hara Naoko
Lin as Araki Cocoro

15 Lin as Araki Cocoro




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Again thanks to Idol Exclusive with background help on this article.


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