Introducing : Cover

_MG_8283-2 Cover is a six member Thai dance cover group that covers the Japanese Idol group If this is your first time hearing the term cover ,what that means is that the members of take on the roles of a member of and covers her dance and at times vocal parts . Most cover groups don`t actually sing the songs ,they simply perform to the original group they are covering song tracks.

For the members and their cover are as follows
May as Mirin , Sherbet as Risa , Ploy as Nemu , Mew as Eimi , Zear as Moga , Meimei as Pinky







meimei made their debut at the Japan Festa in Bangkok 2014 Cover Dance Contest and they have won the Popular Vote Reward at one of their stages as cover events are called. Cover is a talented group that is sure to grow stronger in the live stages to come.
Please check out Cover and accept them as a group to support. Cover as guest to Kira *Taiyaki Cover Team Syachihoko ,both groups are in this video


Siam Street Fest 2014 : Dansugumi… by Mooshido_Nakashima

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