Introducing 4TE Bringing A New Style of Idols to JPop.

Anyone that knows me on a personal private level knows that I absolutely enjoy helping groups out ,and most of the time this helping out never makes our web site or is mentioned by me at all as all discussions are kept private and involve my music life away from Pure Idol Heart. Mostly because the outcomes is not based on the reactions of our readers.

Other times it doesn`t cross the lines of my private music life and Pure Idol Heart and it`s simply hey we have a new single or a debut could you mention it.
This article today is one were the private and public interest mix in a good way and is of interest of our readers.

Music in some ways is a series of right place at the right time moments ,which start off with “hey look at this!”. That is followed by “I think we can work with this!” ,which results in private discussions between both parties in just what investment it will take to make those words turn into something magical and produce results.

This is one of those right place at the right time moments were my involvement in the group privately started by a series of e-mails ,messages , two songs ,and promo kit. This resulted in the words “I think we can work with this!” and a domino effect starting.
While there are many things I`d like to talk about today , it is better that stays between myself and the group and let it play out naturally.

For those that know me outside of Pure Idol Heart ,they know one of  my desires is to work with an international JPop group , most just generally assume with my contacts in Thailand the group would originate from Thai members ,however sometimes different opportunities knock on your door and you’re glad that they did.

This group is 4TE [for-tay] and they are different from any JPop Idol groups that you have become comfortable seeing. For one the members are not Japanese at all. The members are from various ethnic backgrounds which gives this group a very international feel. Two they come different locations ,different music paths ,but they all share the same dream of becoming an successful international JPop group.

4TE [for-tay] are a four member all female Japanese pop inspired music group that started their preparations in November 2013. The members work in conjunction with one another to come up with everything from the concepts and music to image and videos ,much like you find in Japanese Independent Idol groups.

Musically they have a sound that is similar to the groups “Perfume” and “Capsule”. Having listened to their two song single that they sent to me ,you really get a good feel of their JPop influences and if you didn`t know the background of the members in advance and just listened to the tracks ,you would just assume that it`s four idols in Tokyo.
As I mentioned the members of 4TE [for-tay] are not Japanese at all and brings a new dynamic to the table as a JPop influenced group.
The members are
Chii [Mexican-American]

Chii is a singer-songwriter that is influenced by Nakata Yasutaka and has been composing electronic music since she was 14. Chii was the winner of the annual “Singer Search Award 2013” hosted by the Japanese music show, J-Melo and NHK World and she has done work for Pocky and Pretz commercials.

Mei [Chinese-Indonesian-American]

Mei has been performing since the age of 7 ,she has appeared on J-Melo .Mei`s songwriting is influenced by classical ,American and Japanese R&B and Pop. Mei is the only member that currently lives in Japan making what this group has put together all the more impressive.

Jenny [Colombian-American]

Jenny is also a singer/songwriter with influences ranging from “Utada Hikaru” to “L’arc~en~Ciel”, and she was a member of an underground indie-punk band.

Micchi [Filipino-American]

Micchi has an impressive dance background if you need tap dance , hip hop ,jazz , flamenco , Russian ballet ,Micchi is your go to girl. Micchi’s musical influences include “Hello!Project”, “YUI”, “FLOW”, and she has performed at several anime conventions.
She also took part in J-Melo`s Dancer Search!.

In trying to figure out what to say about the members of 4TE [for-tay] it was harder trying to figure what not to include due to time ,then what to include .The members come from impressive backgrounds and they all understand the road that is ahead of them.
Music has no borders , no colors ,it`s simply artists coming together to create the same dream. If you look at 4TE [for-tay] simply on the surface then you’re missing the magic that is under the surface. I have looked past the surface and seen the magic that is below.
There are something’s that can`t be mentioned that are just for the members of 4TE [for-tay] ,however they know my feelings about their potential and my happiness to be working with them both on and off Pure Idol Heart.
Today is just the first page of the first chapter in this story. Tomorrow Jan 4th [USA] 5th here in Tokyo ,2015 4TE [for-tay] will release their MV for their debut Double A-side Single “M O R E / 一歩ずつ” (pronounced Ippozutsu) and a new page will be turned.


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