Ichigo Rinahamu Meets Debut Sales Goal, Retirement Canceled


Former BiS member ,lover of all things Kawaii and Idol mogul Ichigo Rinahamu made a bold statement last September that if her solo debut did not sale 5,000 copies by January 15th 2015, she would retire from Idol.

To the joy of everyone this creative young and sweet Idol reached her goal of 5,000 CD sold to remain an Idol.
She has worked very hard over these 3 months doing multi-lives per day and making her own multi-idol Hamu Fes events. But she did not stop there Rinahamu did Just about anything she could think of to sell her CD. Rinahamu staged fan events in Osaka, Nagoya, and Fukuoka.

Rinahamu was determined that without any agency to support her, she was going to make it as an Idol or stop for good. Rinahamu performed in the rain and cold and for two months sold every CD by herself at events or off her web site. She received help from other Idols in the industry by appearing on her Hamu Fes events, encouraging their fans to help Rinahamu as best they could.

In December her great battle seemed to be falling short until she was joined by Tower Records who started selling her CD at their stores, allowing Rinahamu to enter the Indie top 20 chart rankings.

Rinahamu had to sweat it out every stage of the way and it was not until 90 minutes before her declared deadline that she reached her goal of 5,000 CDs sold.
Rinahamu who had promised her fans that if she reached 5,000 CDs sold she would perform “nerve” from her BiS days at the start of the campaign was true to her word .This tiny soft spoken Idol kept her promise and celebrated her victory by performing “nerve” as her fans released party poppers and supported her success.

What is next for Rinahamu is unknown, however knowing her, she`s not going to make the goal easy for her to reach and her fans who love her will be there fighting every step with her.


Rinahamu in BiS