Doll☆NEO: New Idol Super Group


There is a new Idol super group looking to touch your hearts. The group is called Doll☆NEO and is a collaboration unit made up of members of the Idol groups Doll☆Elements and NEO from Idoling!!!
NEO is the sister group to Idoling!!! and includes Idoling!!! member Hashimoto Kaede`s little sister Ruka.

Their debut single is titled Chocolat☆Romantic” and was produced by Hiromasa Ichiji, who is responsible for the group SPEED and most recently for the Idol group palet’s song “SNOW DISTANCE”.

Chocolat☆Romantic” will be released on February the 11th and the video expresses the theme of girls giving candy to boys on Valentine`s Day.




NEO from Idoling!!!


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