Dansugumi.Inc Talk With Pure Idol Heart, Special Interview


A few days ago I introduced our readers to a sweet Thai dance cover group Dansugumi.inc cover Dempagumi.inc.

You can read that article here.


Dansugumi .inc had the honor of being the first Thai artist to ever have reached #1 popular article ranking on Pure Idol Heart . For some time I have wanted to start introducing our readers to JPop influenced Idols outside of Japan ,that our making a names for themselves across Asia or trying to enter the Asia market and I am glad that the groups we have recently mentioned have been accepted so warmly .

With the popular response to our introduction to Dansugumi.inc ,I wasted no time and asked the members if they would like to visit with Pure Idol Heart.
The Dansugumi.inc members were just as excited to talk to us as I was to them and the following interview was the results of a fun and relaxed Q&A designed to get to know the members of Dansugumi.inc just a little bit better.

We give our thanks to the members and the management of Dansugumi.inc

Dansugumi.Inc Talk With Pure Idol Heart, Special Interview

The Dansugumi.Inc Members are







01.Hello, could you introduce yourselves and tell us which Dempagumi.Inc member you cover.
Meimei: Meimei cover as Pinky Ayane ^^ [Fujisaki Ayane]
Sherbet: Hi! I’m Sherbet cover as Aizawa Risa Nice to meet you every one!! >_<
Zear: Hey guys, I’m Zear. A 19-year-old cheerful girl. Hahaha (^w^)b Covered as Moga Mogami.
May: Hi! I’m May cover as Furukawa Mirin
Mew: Hello, I am Mew cover as Eitaso [Naruse Eimi].
Ploy: Hello everyone, I’m Ploy, 15 years old. I am the youngest in the group >< (hehe). I cover as Nemu. And my signature is GREEN!

02. Did you know each other before joining Dansugumi.Inc?
Meimei: I have been friends with May for several years and she invited me to join the group as  Pinky.
Sherbet: Ahh me and Zear is an acquaintance ,but I know the others when we have the first meeting.
Zear: I knew Sherbet only one because she used to be my underclassman at old high school.
May: I know only Meimei ^^
Mew: I haven’t met anyone until the first meeting.
Ploy: I met Mew before but we only had a short conversation.

03.Why did you want to become a dance Idol?
Meimei: I started cover dancing when I was very young and at the time when I realize how long I have been dancing, I already have a passion in it. More importantly, I met a lot of friends here.
Sherbet: I like to dance ^-^
Zear: I love to dance since I was young. Street dance, K-Pop, Popping , B-Girl, I used to learn and dance. J-Pop is the new challenging of me to try and touch what it is.
May: I love dancing.
Mew: For me, it is fun and exciting.
Ploy: I love dancing and think that I can spend my leisure to it.

04.What is it you enjoy the most about being in Dansugumi.Inc
Meimei: Eating…… me actually I enjoying having a chat with the members but eating snack with them is the greatest thing I have done during my practice.
Sherbet: The members in Dansugumi.inc!
Zear: Informality.
May: Dancing Dempagumi.inc songs.
Mew: I think…. It is the moment that we share when we meet like eating and dancing.
Ploy: All the sisters are so nice to me and I am really happy to be with them.


05.Do you have anything special that you do before a live stage to perform for good luck?
Meimei: For me, I do a lot of practice, listen to the music a thousand times. This makes me more confident myself. Moreover, the show can’t be good if I don’t have a trust in members.
Sherbet: I am trying to concentrate on my role. We actually like to take a picture before performing and eating too.
Zear: Inspire everyone that we can do it, we can dance and everything
will be okay!
May: Nothing in common hahaha……..
Mew: H U G! I hug everyone in the group. (Meimei: She always hug me
so tightly =___=)
Ploy: Concentrate and tell myself that I can do it. Moreover, I hug all
the sisters before performing.

06.Doing cosplay lives or photo shoots is becoming more popular
with both Japanese and Thai Idols ,do any of the members of
Dansugumi.Inc cosplay?
Dansugumi.inc: Every member except for Meimei and May.

07.If the Dansugumi.Inc members could be in an anime ,what anime
would they want to be a character in?
Meimei: I love this question!!!! I want to be Sakura-chan from Cardcaptor Sakura. It is my precious dream in my life. Sakura-Cyan is so lovely, lively, friendly and fun-loving. Also, I want to be able to use a magic!
Sherbet: – ahhh….. It’s hard to choose it ummmm… I choose Erika Shinohara (Ōkami Shōjo to Kuro Ōji).
Zear: Yuffie Kisaragi from Final Fantasy VII.
May: Amagi Brilliant Park as Wanipee (mascot)
Mew: Kuronuma Sawako (Kimi ni Todoke).
Ploy: Hirasawa Yui – K-on ! she so cute !! >_<)

08.Favorite Japanese Idol groups that you enjoy listening , singing or dancing to in your free time?
Dansugumi.inc: Of course, DEMPAGUMI.INC!!! >____<

09.Many Japanese Idols have dreams of becoming an actress ,do Dansugumi.inc members have any entertainment goals?
Meimei: I love singing but I rarely sing because May doesn’t want to hear it. I was trying to sing along with the music when we were young and she was like plugging the earphone on her ears.(laughing~~ so mean)
Sherbet: I don’t have any goal in the entertainment world.
Zear: I wanna be the real Mc. Yep, I’ve got a part-time job as Mc. I love to meet people. I’ve got  various kinds of experience from this job.
May: I want to dance in front of Dempa!
Mew: I have never thought about it ^^
Ploy: I want to be a singer!!! ><

10.Dansugumi.Inc became the first Thai group of any kind to rank #1 popular article with Pure Idol Heart readers. Can you each tell how you felt hearing this ranking and as an ending point ,give your best self-promotion request for our readers to support you as #1 member of Dansugumi.inc
Dansugumi.inc: We are glad to hear that we are ranking on the first rank. We would like to thank everyone for reading the article. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the support and we promise that we have an on-going effort to improve our performance and work harder. Lastly, anyone who are going to visit Thailand in the future are welcomed by us. We would like to meet everyone! For more information, please find us on Facebook Dansugumi.inc cover Dempagumi.inc

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