Dansugumi.inc Joins Pure Idol Heart for New Weekly Program

Dansugumiinc 2

We are pleased to announce a new weekly program featuring the Thai dance idol group Dansugumi.inc Cover Dempagumi.inc.
Dansugumi.inc since their debut on Pure Idol Heart has quickly become one if not the hottest group we have introduced to Idol fans.
Dansugumi.inc debut introduction reached number one in our rankings and a follow up interview with the members entered at number one and has remained there.
With the interest shown to Dansugumi.inc we are excited to announce our next step in developing Dansugumi.inc.

Dansugumi.inc will be joining Pure Idol Heart for their own weekly program .This as of yet untitled program will see the members of Dansugumi.inc starting off with a weekly question and answer segment ,with the possibility of other programs added in the future.

If your familiar with the Japanese Idol company Hello!Project , then you are aware that the groups have a weekly mobile one question-one answer program they do for their fan club.
Dansugumi.inc. program works on this same idea spirit, however could very well evolve into other segments, based on readership rankings and ideas created by Pure Idol Heart staff and Dansugumi.inc

Pure Idol Heart and Dansugumi.inc hope that you will continue to show your interest and support as you continue to watch over them warmly.
Please look forward to this new program currently in development with the members of Dansugumi.inc making its debut on Pure Idol Heart.

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