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Pure Idol Heart Interviews Little Witch

[01] Calorie Nante costume

Recently I had the pleasure to introduce the readers of Pure Idol Heart a really cute and sweet fresh Thai dance cover Idol group Little Witch cover LinQ. Little Witch is a sister group to the Thai dance cover group Magical cover Afilia Saga ,which is where the name Little…

Doll☆NEO: New Idol Super Group


There is a new Idol super group looking to touch your hearts. The group is called Doll☆NEO and is a collaboration unit made up of members of the Idol groups Doll☆Elements and NEO from Idoling!!! NEO is the sister group to Idoling!!! and includes Idoling!!! member Hashimoto Kaede`s little sister…

Idol Exclusive E-Magazine Issue 8

Idol Exclusive 8

Our partners at Idol Exclusive have released issue #8 of their free Thai language Idol E-Magazine. In this issue of the E-Magazine you will find stories on the following groups Exclusive idol: ひめキュンフルーツ缶 (Hime Kyun Fruit Can) New face idol: アリスインアリス (ALICEINALICE), P.IDL (Performance IDol League), SiAM&POPTUNe, シブヤDOMINION Idol review:…

Weekly Dansugumi.Inc


Welcome to the first edition of Weekly Dansugumi.Inc. Weekly Dansugumi.Inc is a program designed for readers to get to know the members of the Thai dance cover group cover better. Weekly Dansugumi.Inc is an evolving program were I would like to do different things with the members over…

Ichigo Rinahamu Meets Debut Sales Goal, Retirement Canceled


Former BiS member ,lover of all things Kawaii and Idol mogul Ichigo Rinahamu made a bold statement last September that if her solo debut did not sale 5,000 copies by January 15th 2015, she would retire from Idol. To the joy of everyone this creative young and sweet Idol reached… Joins Pure Idol Heart for New Weekly Program

Dansugumiinc 2

We are pleased to announce a new weekly program featuring the Thai dance idol group Cover since their debut on Pure Idol Heart has quickly become one if not the hottest group we have introduced to Idol fans. debut introduction reached number one in our rankings…

Dansugumi.Inc Talk With Pure Idol Heart, Special Interview


A few days ago I introduced our readers to a sweet Thai dance cover group cover You can read that article here. Dansugumi .inc had the honor of being the first Thai artist to ever have reached #1 popular article ranking on Pure Idol Heart . For…

Introducing Thai Group Little Witch cover LinQ

[03] sakura kajitsu costume

Little Witch cover LinQ is a Thai dance cover Idol group ,that I was first made aware of by some members of the Thai dance group Magical cover Afilia Saga and the producer/manager of the dance group Kira Taiyaki cover Team Syachihoko. Their name came up in a conversation I…

4TE MORE Officially On Sale


This is just a short note to say that Jenny of 4TE has let us know that their debut single is now on sale , You can get it here for a good price of only $4.00 US. To learn more about this group please see our past two…

TOKYO GIRLS` STYLE Say Goodbye to Idol World Hello! JPOP World


TOKYO GIRLS` STYLE has made a surprising announcement that starting April 2015 ,they will no longer consider themselves or market themselves as an Idol genre group. Instead they will become an non-Idol JPop group. What this means is that the group is cutting all connections to their Idol past ,such…