nIo: new Idol order Reborn!

nio reborn dec 2

For months there has been growing speculation on the future of idol metal unit new Idol order .There was great reason for concerns as this past August then member and now former member No.#1 “buried” her two sister members No.#2 and No.#3 in a pit under the cover of darkness in an unknown wooded area.
Like all good theatrical idol units new Idol order`s main idol group Thumb Princess found themselves caught up in this bizarre world created by No.# 1 and filmed this ritual event.


Day’s later people started noticing two ghostly figures dressed in black ,it was the spirits of No.#2 and No.#3 . As the days and weeks passed many rumors started of fans seeing the spirits in various places ,then one day the spirits disappeared . Was this the end ? Had No.#2 and No.#3 simply returned to put fans minds at rest and say they had departed to a better place?

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December 29th 2014 No.#2 and No.#3 returned ,however this time they did not come alone.

No.#2 and No.#3 appeared dressed in their new black costumes that many had witnessed their spirits wearing in September , however this new person with them was wearing white.

nio reborn dec

Just what was taking place ,was the long awaited and hoped for rebirth of the idol metal group new Idol order.
The second chapter of this group`s history has come alive . returning members No.#2 and No.#3 are now dressed in new black costumes ,because , well! in this chapter they are “dead” and are spirits of their crazed past.
They are joined in this new chapter by someone known as the “Princess”.

nio reborn

Just what is the purpose of the White Princess  and what is her control if any on No.#2  and No.#3  is still unknown.

With nIo new chapter as of this update just photos and some cryptic messages ,it is clear just like the first chapter in the group`s career, this new journey is going to be revealed slowly and with the same darkness that we come to expect from this creative Idol unit.

More as this story develops.