Interview with パピマシェ (papillon de marche)

Edition #5 October 2014


Interview with パピマシェ (papillon de marche)

Idol Exclusive in their 5th issue of their magazine conducted an interview with Japanese Idol group パピマシェ (papillon de marche) .As part of our agreement with the Thailand based Magazine Idol Exclusive they have provided Pure Idol Heart with a copy of the interview ,so our readers can read it.
We have added some video of the group to the end of the interview in case this is the first time hearing the name パピマシェ (papillon de marche).

Please enjoy this interview as done by Idol exclusive E-magazine from Thailand for their 5th issue of their E-Magazine

Interview パピマシェ (papillon de marche)
Hello ,we are Idol exclusive E-magazine from Thailand .
nice to meet you
Thank you for interview with Idol exclusive,
Question1. The first please introduce your band , and name your members
Answers:“Papi Mache”(Papillon de Marche) have action around Fukuoka is the Idol unit which is produced by Komo-P. Colorful festoon represents personality of each member.

Question2. What is the meaning of your band name ?
Answers:It has the image lovely papillon(Butterfly) is dancing and singing splendidly in marche where people gather.

Question3. I know your band from Internet. Because I was looking up your music video for the song “小悪魔!?堕天使”
in “Youtube” and very love it ^^.
I want to know, Where is location in your music video? It is very beautiful and Nature. And please talking about making this MV for me know too.
Answers:That is Katashima as a war-related site in Nagasaki, now still leaving the form. The day shoot MV was rainy day, members are struggling with raining

Question4. For the single“小悪魔!?堕天使” What is the concept this song? What are you like in this song ?
Answers: RAN : This song is a song that was represented in the boy’s point of view. The story is the boy fell in love with “impish angel” called Papi Mache struggle to catch her wings while unreaching.
My favorite point in this song is choreography that express “Koakuma!?Datenshi♡” on chorus part! Especially flapping hands part is very Kawaii, I love it♡ Let’s check our MV!

Question5. This single had good Feedback ?  Compared to the 1stsingle before.
Answers:We got good feedback so much. We ranked in Oricon Weekly Ranking at #36 on first week.
Thank you for big support.

Question6. I want to ask for everybody member . What the favorite your band Live show for you ? Why?
Answers:HARUNA : AKB48
SAKI : GReeeeN
YUUKI : Acid Black Cherry

Question7. Do you know that in Thailand that you have J-POP idol fanclub ? and would you like ,to come to Thailand ?
Answers:Yes, we wanna go! We love Thailand where have many J-POP Idol fans.

Question8. Do you know Thai food ? and What Thai food for you want to tasting or your favorite ?
Answers:SAYAKA : Green Curry
WAKAKO : Tom Kha Kai
RAN : Tom Yam Kung

Question9. Please give your message with Thai fanclub.
Answers: We Papi Mache is having action with all our might! We want to be the big idol band such as can play the show in Thailand someday, so we do our best so that we give back our thanks to everyone.
Thank you for your continuous support!

Thank you for interview with Idol exclusive and If be likely. We want to support your band for promote and all in next future.

Thank you
Idol exclusive

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Edition #5 October 2014

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