Idol Exclusive E-Magazine Special Cover Dance Idol Japanese Edition.


Our new promotional partners Idol Exclusive have released a special edition of their E-Magazine. The magazine is a “COVER BAND” edition and introduces Thai and other Southeast Asia cover dance Idols in Japanese and some English.
If you are not familiar with the term “cover band” allow me to explain. Cover bands can be from any country , the most common are bands that play other bands songs in their lives or like a tribute band to a band they support.
In Idol genre these cover groups dress like the idols they support and dance to their songs at live events. Each member plays the part of the individual idol they are covering.
Some cover groups go on to earn record contracts and put out original dance videos such as DANCEROID. Others become vocal/dance Idol groups and start a new journey in their career.
In this special edition Idol Exclusive introduces the following groups.
Kira ☆ Taiyaki (Team Syachihoko cover) (Thailand)
Little Witch (LinQ cover) (Thailand)
Wonderful Rush (Cover μ’s) (Thailand)
Niji dance (J-POP Idol cover) (Vietnam)
Lumina Scarlet (J-POP Idol cover) (Indonesia)
Idol exclusive “カバーバンド”特集号 (日本語版) タイ&ASEAN地域のJ-POPカバーバンド紹介号 フリーダウンロードで発行!
☆いま会える!☆ ☆アジアのアイドルたち☆

Kira☆Taiyaki (チームしゃちほこ カバー) (タイ)

Little Witch (LinQ カバー) (タイ)

Wonderful Rush (U’sカバー) (タイ)

Niji dance (J-POPアイドル カバー) (ベトナム)

Lumina Scarlet (J-POPアイドル カバー)(インドネシア)

[Groups own Song]


☆日本のポップカルチャー in タイ・ASEAN☆
Japan Festa 2014 (タイ)
J-street cover party 2014 (タイ)
Manga Festival 2014 (ベトナム)

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